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About this Site

Mission Statement
The Digital Friends Group Library is designed for public library Friends Group leaders who are are seeking to learn more about running a Friends Group. The Friends Group Membership Resource Center, located within the Digital Friends Group Library, is a specialized area to aid Friends' leadership to increase both types of membership in their Friends organization - active (volunteer) and giving (financial donors).

Collection Policy

  • Resources contained within this digital library include remote resources from other web sites as well as information provided by the Mid-Hudson Library System.
  • Selection Methods
    • The collection is made up of items selected by the Mid-Hudson Library System to aid member libraries and member library Friends Groups.
    • Materials selected for the collection can include web sites, journal articles, images and book titles.
    • Materials are drawn from support organizations such as Friends of Libraries USA (FOLUSA); Friends Groups from around the area, state and country; and other organizations deemed appropriate by the site editor. Resources will come from established organizations with a proven track record of success.
    • Items are selected based on their value as examples of best practices
      Items found to be inappropriate will be reconsidered, e-mail the site editor with any comments or requests.

Organization of Collection

  • Items included in the collection are organized by topic. Included in each topic area may be hyperlinks, images, electronic publications and digitized images.
  • A site map organized alphabetically is provided as well as a Google Search box that will search just the Digital Friends Group Library.
  • Images in the Brochure Gallery are described using Dublin Core Metadata Element Set, version 1.1

Maintenance & Evaluation

Web site links and internal links will be scanned weekly using SiteImprove's LinkCheck
Broken links will be repaired or a suitable replacement resource will be found.
Comments and suggestions from member libraries and member library Friends Groups will be solicited and incorporated where appropriate.
The MHLS Friends Support Group, which meets quarterly, will evaluate current resources and advise on future content areas.

Contact Info:
Rebekkah Smith Aldrich, Coordinator of Member Information
Mid-Hudson Library System
103 Market Street
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

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