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Friends may be one of two types. As defined by the Friends of Libraries USA (FOLUSA) there are "contributing members" who faithfully write a check every year because they want to support the library; and "active members" who serve on the executive board and/or are willing to volunteer for committee assignments and other Friends' projects. Both types of members are important - "contributors" because their money helps you help the library, and "active members" because they help with the work and leadership of the group. [From FOLUSA's Getting and Keeping Members Fact Sheet]

1) Let people know who you are and why they would want to join your group.

Sample Friends Group Mission Statements:

2) Let people know how to join your group:

Sample membership forms:

3) Put it all together into a PR piece:


4) Managing Membership


"A Few Good Databases for Membership Organizations - Eight nonprofit technology professionals recommend membership databases" [TechSoup]

Technology Solutions:


Helpful Books and Web Sites:
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From the MHLS Professional Collection

  • The Essential Friends of Libraries: Fast Facts, Forms, and Tips
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  • 101+ Great Ideas for Libraries and Friends: Marketing, Fundraising, Friends Development, and More!
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  • Library Friends Guidelines
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  • Empire Friends: How to Form or Revitalize a Library Support Group
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  • Organizing Friends groups: A How-to-do-it Manual for Librarians
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