MHLS Home Small Libraries Roundtable
February 2006

Topic: Technology

Notes from the February Meeting


Connectivity problems:
· Confirm with your provider that you have their most current hardware (especially router, make sure software that goes with router is also up-to-date)
· Millennium uses the Internet in a more demanding / continuous way than a standard web page
· MHLS Tech Dept provides an on-site consultation at no charge for discounted software.

Seeking outside help:
· Can be: o Volunteers o Local tech support o MHLS Tech Dept support
· Scheduling ideas: o Once a month maintenance o 20 hours / year contract
· Technology solutions: o SAM - manages print jobs and time slots o Deep Freeze Pro ("reboot-to-restore technology")

Empower staff with simple troubleshooting procedures and written directions.

Budgeting for technology:
· Budget line for annual computer purchases
· Budget line for keeping software up-to-date
· Budget line for tech support consultant
· Idea of funding a new computer through the Friends or through program income
· Upgrade your network hardware and bandwidth
· Upgrade staff computers - Millennium uses more

Review Internet policy annually.

Keeping staff current with technology:
· Notebook at circ desk of Millennium communications
· Millennium listserv
· Staff meetings: o Include database training from the Central Library o Include a Millennium refresher from Laurie

New Technology:
· Thin Clients - Midge shared an article from a recent issue of Library Journal, (available through HomeACCESS) "It Pays to be Thin," by Diane Romm, 2.1.2006


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