MHLS Home Small Libraries Roundtable
June 2005

Topic: Programming in a Small Library

Notes from the June 2005 Meeting


Program-partner Ideas:
· Office of the Aging
· NYS Legislators
· Local government
· Literacy Volunteers
· PARP: Parents as Reading Partners
· PTA (consider becoming a member)
· Local, independent bookstore

Manpower Ideas:
· Have a long-range plan that addresses programming
· Make programming a line in your budget
· Groups that run themselves - participants take turns
· Volunteers
· Parents that run children's programs
· Ask people (patrons) who have an interest to run a program

Program Ideas:
· MHLS EZ Library Program Database
· General Programming Resources from MHLS
· Quarterly book discussion or monthly: Alternate popular titles with classics; Show films related to titles read; non-fiction group
· Computer camp for adults (held when the library is closed)
· Knitting - adults, teens, seniors
· Author series
· Pep rally for summer reading program held at the school
· Teen programs when the library is closed
· Jazz nights
· Adult writing group (can run itself once set up)
· Lunches (bring your own) for people with similar interests
· Heirloom appraisal
· Poetry reading
· Use movies - easy, low cost program (public performance rights info; 16mm & related equipment borrowing information)
· Local history buffs

Publicizing Programs
· General Programming Resources from MHLS
· Public announcements on local cable access channel
· Flyer Posting ideas: o Town hall o Dr's office o Send to schools to post and distribute o Sent to other area libraries - be conscious of how large your flyer is, a smaller flyer will be appreciated by smaller libraries (don't forget about out-of-system libraries whose patrons might be interested in your program) o Church dinners o Fax to newspaper
· Press Release (note "second request," "third request" on your fax)
· Library newsletter: o Look for a sponsor to underwrite your newsletter o Put newsletter out in the community o Start an e-mail mailing list for the newsletter § Put a link to your online calendar in the electronic version of your newsletter o Local chamber of commerce, e-mail newsletter?
· Display/poster in the library
· Local gym newsletter
· Notices you can pick-up around the community
· Through the PTA
· Library web site
· If town has a web site ask them to link to the library's web site
· Use your phone message to point patron's to your web site to learn about upcoming programs
· Create easy to carry "shaped*" notices that will fit in your bag/purse to distribute to people while you're out and about (*Accucut dies available from MHLS)
· Firehouse and other places where community programs are held
· Farmer's Markets
· Give trustees a flyer or handout for them to distribute at their other meetings
· Create a Friends of the Library e-mail list



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