Information about MHLS-Managed Member Library Web Sites


1. Does Mid-Hudson provide a web site for each library?

MHLS can design and host a web site for member libraries, and maintain any informational changes on that web site. The annual fee in 2011 is $250 for this service.

Member library web sites that are managed by MHLS received an updated look and increased functionality using WordPress in 2010-11.Red Hook Public Library and Greenville Public Library websites are examples of MHLS-managed library websites. Libraries can directly add their own content to the center of their home pages after attending a MHLS training session, and can have a WordPress calendar that automatically displays upcoming events on their home page.

Contact with any questions about MHLS-managed web pages or managing a calendar for your library web site.

2. Can my library produce its own Web page?

Libraries can have a web site produced by the library and hosted by an entity other than Mid-Hudson, such as an ISP or a web page hosting vendor. MHLS does not host library-produced web pages. Maintenance of library-produced web pages is the responsibility of the library.

May 2011