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Why Read to Your Baby?

Newborn (birth to 6 months)

Older Baby (6 to 15 months)

Young Toddler (15 months to 2 years)

Older Toddler (2 to 3 years)

The Library: A Special Place for Baby and You

Suggested Books


The Library: A Special Place for Baby and You

For Baby
From the beginning your baby is ready to discover the exciting world of the library. Make the library part of your routine. Discover the materials and activities that are there, just for children.

Colorful books
Start with simple board or picture books. Choose books yourself or ask your librarian to help.

Audio tapes / CDs
Pick out songs and rhymes that will delight your baby: lullabies will soothe and quiet your baby; stories will be of special interest to your older baby.

Videos / DVDs
Choose short titles with catchy music. Look for titles based on books you've read together. Choose videos / DVDs with familiar subject matter.

When your baby is older, you can work together on programs meant especially for preschoolers.

Libraries offer a variety of programs for all ages. Look for Mother Goose or lapsit storytimes for infants.

For Parents and Caregivers
Find the parenting section which will have books about raising your baby. Ask your librarian for help.

Videos / DVDs
Find parenting videos, usually with the parenting books.

Book lists
Ask your librarian for prepared lists of books to read to your baby at any age.

Use library computers to find specific information and to play children's games.

Community services
Find out about news, services, entertainment and other related things going on in your area.

Special programs
Look for special programs offered to library users.

How to Borrow Materials from the Mid-Hudson Library System
You need a library card from your local library in order to borrow materials. You can borrow materials from your local library or you can have books and other materials sent to your library from other libraries.

With a barcoded library card, you can also check out books directly from neighboring libraries.

How to get a library card
Different libraries in the Mid-Hudson Library System have different requirements. Your library may ask you for a driver's license, a photo ID and/or an envelope or bill with your current address. Feel free to call your library for details. Find libraries at

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