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Frequently Asked Questions about KitKeeper

Q. Who can reserve a BCB kit through KitKeeper?
A. Anyone with a valid MHLS member library card barcode and PIN.

Q. Do I need to login to KitKeeper to view available kits?
A. No. You don't need to login to browse titles, download discussion questions or check availability of BCB kits.

Q. I tried to reserve a kit but my PIN does not work?
A. Even if your PIN has upper and lower case letters try typing your pin in all lower case. If you are still having a problem contact

Q. Can I reserve a kit for my patron?
A. Yes but you will need your patron's library card barcode and PIN.

Q. Where can I find discussion questions?
A. You can download discussion questions directly from a kit's description. Kit descriptions including discussion questions can be found by clicking on List

Q. Do I need to use the Staff Login link at the bottom of the page?
A. No. This link is for use by MHLS staff.

Q. Who do I contact if I am having a problem using the KitKeeper software?
A. Send an email to or call 845.471.6060 x250.

Q. My patron has reserved several kits but nothing shows up in their library record?
A. Reserved BCB Kits will not show up in a library record. The KitKeeper software is not linked to Request-A-Title, Renew My Items, My Reading History, Freeze Your Requests or Pay Fines Online.

Q. How can my patron see a list of their reservations?
A. Your patron can login to My Kits to see up to 6 of their current and past reservations.

Q. Can my patron cancel a BCB reservation?
A. Yes. When they login to My Kits they will have the ability to cancel a reservation. (Cancellations have to take place 3 days before a kit is due to be delivered.)

Q. Can my patron renew a BCB kit?
A. No. Renewals are not possible with the KitKeeper software.

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