Book Club in a Bag Program

Brought to you by participating libraries in the Mid-Hudson Library System




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How your library can add a kit:

  1. Call or e-mail Kerstin (x250 or with your preferred title to make sure it hasn't already been claimed. View recently claimed titles.
  2. Fill out an order form and return it to Kerstin @MHLS (you will be billed separately, do not send a check) [Please note: The bag is included in the base price. You can order an additional "display bag" to keep at your library to promote this program to your patrons.]
    ~Once your order has been processed you will be sent a letter with instructions and 11 bookplates for you to customize.
  3. Purchase or otherwise obtain at least 10 copies of your chosen title - paperbacks are preferable. Please note we cannot accept advance reader's editions.
  4. Affix 10 of your customized bookplates in your books (Yes! You do have 1 extra bookplate! Customize it and send it in with your books for the folder that will go in your bag.)
  5. Develop discussion questions and a 100 word synopsis for the title and e-mail them to Kerstin (
  6. Send in your books, the extra bookplate and an unattached barcode to MHLS, attn: Kerstin


The Book Club in a Bag Program is brought to you by the Mid-Hudson Library System and its Member Libraries
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