Book Club in a Bag Program

Brought to you by participating libraries in the Mid-Hudson Library System


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  • When the item arrives at your library do not scan it. Check the (paper ship) tag attached to the kit for instructions.
  • Kits for patrons: There will be a patron name, phone number or email. Please contact said patron to let them know the kit is ready for pick up. The patron has one week to pick-up the kit. The last date of pick-up is listed on the tag. If a patron is unable to pick-up the kit by this date, the kit should be returned to MHLS.
    • When the patron comes to pick-up the bag, check it out to them in Sierra just like you would any other library item.
  • Kits for library book groups: There will be a staff members name listed. Please check the kit out (upon arrival) to this person or to your library book group's library card (if applicable).



The Book Club in a Bag Program is brought to you by the Mid-Hudson Library System and its Member Libraries
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