Book Club in a Bag Program

Brought to you by participating libraries in the Mid-Hudson Library System



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  • When a bag is returned:
    • check the bag to make sure the contents are complete (the tag attached to the bag and the attachment note in Sierra list the contents)
    • if all items are present check in the item in Sierra and send the kit via delivery to MHLS.
    • If items are missing:
      • Please notify MHLS and bill the patron for any missing contents. View a sample bill.
  • If a bag is not returned or is overdue:
    • Please call the patron to request that it be returned.
    • $1 a day fine will be charged for overdue kits until the kit is returned.


  • Renewals are not possible with the current software.


The Book Club in a Bag Program is brought to you by the Mid-Hudson Library System and its Member Libraries
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