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Become a 'Create Lists' Creator

Laurie Shedrick, MHLS Automated Services Manager is offering two upcoming workshops on using Millennium Create Lists feature.

Create Lists is a powerful tool in Millennium that enables you to create customized lists of records based on criteria that you choose. You can create lists based on fields in any type of record - bibliographic, item, patron, etc.

Why would you want to do this? You can use Create Lists to gather similar records for updating, printing or to export into spreadsheets and databases which can help you to understand your collection and users. You can put that data to work for you in weeding, collection development, collection analysis, budgeting, marketing, fundraising, communicating and staff development.

- Millennium Create Lists for Beginners on Thursday, May 27th from 10:00am - 12:00pm in the MHLS Auditorium

- Advanced Create Lists on Tuesday, June 8th from 10:00am - 12:00pm in the MHLS Auditorium

Register online at http://calendar.midhudson.org

MHLS Announcements
More than 280 people subscribe to the MHLS Bulletin via email and you can too! Be kind to the environment and switch to reading the Bulletin from your inbox rather than your mailbox: http://midhudson.org/forms/listserv_signup.htm

Tips from last week's Greening Your Library workshop:
- Establish a "Green Team" at the library to brainstorm ways the library could be greener.
- Use the energy saving features through your operating system to put computers into standby/hibernation when not in use during the work day.
- Use native plants in your landscaping so you don't have to water them extra.
- Schedule a NYSERDA Energy Audit to get professional recommendations to reduce energy usage in your building ($100).
- Plan story hour crafts that can use recycled paper, cardboard, "found items," etc.

To see the full list, "40 Easy Ways to Green Your Library for the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day" visit our home page, http://midhudson.org.

Professional Development
New York State Library Assistants' Association's annual conference, June 9-11th, in Corning, NY. You do not need to be a member of NYSLAA to attend the conference, however, the cost of an annual membership ($15) makes the full conference more affordable at $120. The conference will offer 4 different workshop sessions, each session offers 5-7 different workshop topics like creating a disaster plan, using MS Word to create brochures and newsletters and what's new in technical services. Much more is included and offered during the conference and we hope you will take this opportunity to become more familiar with our organization and what it has to offer. To learn more about the conference, follow this link to the NYSLAA website: http://nyslaa.org/conference.html Registrations accepted through May 5th.

Reference & Collection Development
Text a Librarian: Have you seen the commercials for kgb [http://superbowl.kgb.com/]? It is a service that you can text questions to and receive answers for $0.99 each. Imagine if libraries earned $1 for every question answered? What the kgb business model shows is that answering questions via text message is a viable service delivery model. Recently on Scott Douglas' Speak Quietly blog [http://speakquietly.blogspot.com] there was an excellent post about libraries with a "Text a Librarian" service:

Facts About Text Messages:
- 74% of all cell phone users use the text message feature; 100% of all teens text; 85% of all college students text
- Last year, over 1 Trillion text messages were sent
- On average, Americans text twice as much as they call

Libraries with Text a Librarian Services: Seattle PL, New York PL, Newark PL, and hundreds of others

How the Library Benefits from Texting:
- Many people now prefer texting for simple questions that don't need immediate answers (i.e. do you have a book, what time do you close, where can I get tax forms)
- Texting allows librarians to manage their time more efficiently; patrons are more patient waiting for replies then they would be on the phone.

- The cheapest solution would be to subscribe to an unlimited "Qwert" plan for $19.99 a month (plus one time setup fee of $9.99). There is no contract, and plan can be cancelled at anytime. Library needs to provide cell phone (preferably one with a QWERTY keypad, which can be bought secondhand for $50 dollars); Qwert works on any phone that takes a SIM card.
- Most large libraries use a service by Mosio; this service sends a text to software on a computer. Plans start at $65 a month and go to $100.

Youth Services
SRP Mini-Grants from MHLS: MHLS is using federal LSTA money passed through to the System by the New York State Library to offer three Summer Reading Program mini-grants to member libraries this year, applications have been sent to all directors and are linked on the SRP page: http://midhudson.org/program/SRP/main.htm. All libraries are encouraged to apply and may apply for all three.
- Diversity Awareness Programming Grant:
Ten mini-grants of $300 will be awarded to member libraries to be used for youth programming geared toward expanding literacy and increasing diversity awareness within the community. Note: These funds are intended to expand programming, not supplant funds already allocated for this type of programming. Possible examples include but are not limited to: Sign Language for Babies, Story Time with Therapy Dogs and Bilingual Story Time.
- Funds for Additional Teen Services Staff for the Summer Reading Program: Ten mini-grants of $300 will be awarded to member libraries to hire temporary employees, teen volunteers or to increase hours of part-time personnel to oversee 2010 summer reading, teen initiatives. Note: These funds are not intended to supplant or replace existing personnel.
- Additional Summer Reading Performers: Ten mini-grants of $300 will be awarded to member libraries to be used to hire performers in conjunction with your themed summer reading program that would bring new community members into the library. Note: These funds are intended to expand on the number of performers, not supplant funds already budgeted by libraries for performers.
Questions? Contact MHLS Youth Services & Community Connections Coordinator Christina Ryan-Linder at x235 or clinder@midhudson.org

Trustee Resources
Trustee Essential Spring Workshops begin next week:
- Wednesday, May 5 from 10:00am - 12:00pm in the MHLS Auditorium, Poughkeepsie
- Tuesday, May 11 from 6:00 - 8:00pm at the Kingston Library
- Saturday, June 12 from 10:00am - 12:00pm in the MHLS Auditorium, Poughkeepsie
Please register online at http://calendar.midhudson.org

Administration & Management
Mark your calendars… The next Roundtable for New Directors meeting will be after the June 4th Directors Association meeting from 12:30 - 2:30pm, lunch will be provided. This roundtable is designed for MHLS library directors who have been in their position for 3 years or less to give you the opportunity to meet with others dealing with similar situations and to find answers and contacts to help you in your day-to-day life at the library. Our topic in June will be Facilities: Maintenance & Planning for the Future. The meeting will be facilitated by Rebekkah Smith Aldrich, MHLS Coordinator for Library Growth & Sustainability and Merribeth Advocate, Outreach & Education Coordinator. At this workshop we will cover:
- How to get to know your building
- Maintenance
- Space planning and
- Expansion planning
Please register online at http://calendar.midhudson.org

Job Openings
Putnam Valley Library has an immediate opening for a P/T Clerk. Responsibilities include circulation and data entry. Applicants should enjoy working with people of all ages, be detail oriented, & able to multi-task. Must be proficient on computer and internet. Experience with library operations desirable. Hours: Wed 4-8pm, Sat 12-3pm, Sun 1-5pm. Fax resume: 845.528.3297 Attn. K. McLaughlin, Director. Or mail/drop off resume: Putnam Valley Library, 30 Oscawana Lake Rd, Putnam Valley, NY 10579.

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Member Libraries are welcome to submit items of interest and job openings to the MHLS Bulletin: bulletin@midhudson.org. The MHLS Bulletin is available on line at http://midhudson.org/bulletins/main.htm