Vol.10-21   5.25.10

Have a Great Day!

Have a Great Day!: Customer Service that Works for You & Your Patrons Presented by Sue Hermans, Head of Reference and Adult Services & Coordinator, Central Library Services for the Poughkeepsie Public Library District.

This program is designed for all staff who interact with patrons. It will help you develop your ability to please your patrons and provide quality library service to your community.
Customer service is the total relationship between the library and its patrons. It includes not only courtesy, but technical skills, thoroughness and follow-through. Good customer service skills help keep your patrons happy, and can also create positive outcomes for negative interactions.

- The components of good customer service and strategies for providing it
- To distinguish merely annoying behaviors from disruptive or dangerous ones
- Effective strategies for conflict resolution when patrons are unhappy

Register for one of the following sessions:
- Monday, June 14 from 10am-12pm @ Heermance Memorial Library (1 Ely Street, Coxsackie)
- Monday, June 21 from 10am-12pm @ Mahopac Public Library (668 Route 6, Mahopac)
- Thursday, June 24 from 10am-12pm @ Town of Esopus Library (128 Canal Street, Port Ewen)
- Monday, June 28 from 10am-12pm @ Hudson Area Association Library (400 State Street, Hudson)
- Wednesday, June 30 from 10am-12pm @ MHLS Auditorium (105 Market Street in Poughkeepsie)

Please register online at http://calendar.midhudson.org/

MHLS Announcements
MHLS will be closed on Monday, May 31st. There will be no deliveries.

MHLS Web Site Project Update: As many of you are aware, MHLS staff is working to update and improve the System's web site, midhudson.org. We have recreated the site in Drupal, a content management system. Improvements in findability are being developed based on input received from MHLS member library directors and soon we will be asking staff that works with Millennium and those providing youth services to help us as well. As staff converts, rewrites and does data entry for what now totals more than 1,000 pages on the site over the summer, areas of the current site may not be as up-to-date as you are used to but rest assured we are working hard to maintain the current site while reconfiguring and entering data into the new site.

Helpful Hint: Make use of the Web Site Index: http://midhudson.org/search.htm With more than 1,000 pages of content you may find it simpler at this point to just jump onto the index and scroll down the alphabetical list or use the Google search box there which just searches midhudson.org. There are also web indexes throughout the site in the areas of Resource Sharing, Administration & Management, Programming, Youth Services and, Trustee Resources to help you find what you are looking for.

MHLS Announcements
MHLS welcomes Roger Cohn as the acting director at the NorthEast-Millerton Library. Roger is taking on the responsibilities of director while Midge Quick is on an extended medical leave.

Professional Development
At-a-Glance: Check out the front of midhudson.org for a constantly updating list of upcoming continuing education opportunities offered through MHLS. Merribeth Advocate, MHLS Outreach & Education Coordinator has created a homepage "widget" that pulls information from our online calendar into a handy at-a-glance listing of workshops and trainings coming up in the next month.

Marketing, Advocacy & Funding
Did you know? Access to the Internet is considered a "basic human right": Almost four in five people around the world believe that access to the internet is a fundamental right, a poll for the BBC World Service suggests. The survey - of more than 27,000 adults across 26 countries - found strong support for net access on both sides of the digital divide. Countries such as Finland and Estonia have already ruled that access is a human right for their citizens. International bodies such as the UN are also pushing for universal net access. "The right to communicate cannot be ignored," Dr Hamadoun Toure, secretary-general of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), told BBC News. "The internet is the most powerful potential source of enlightenment ever created."
[BBC News: http://news.bbc.co.uk]

The author of the quintessential 2002 book Adult Programs in the Library, Brett Lear, is seeking input for a new edition of the book. He would like to know what should be covered in the guide: "What topics or trends or tip sheets or examples would you like to see a book of adult programming contain? Since libraries are this book's intended audience, I want to be sure to include the content that you all will find most useful." Send your input to Brett directly at brettl@multcolib.org

Trustee Resources
NYS Trustee Association gets a new name:
LTA: Library Trustee Association of New York State (formerly known as NYSALB - New York State Association of Library Board) The new name comes with a new web address for the association: http://librarytrustees.org.

MHLS member library director Gloria Goverman of the East Fishkill Community Library wrote a feature article in the latest edition of TRUSTEE, the publication of the Library Trustees Association of New York State. Gloria shares her experience with her board, she describes the group as "thoughtful and deliberative," their meetings as "efficient…yet there's lots of laughter." She points to a number of factors that add up to the success she sees on her board:
- This group likes each other.
- New trustees are welcomed and quickly integrated into what is going on.
- Ideas are solicited, strengths are utilized.
- They are professional, friendly and efficient.
- They are passionate about providing excellent library service.
- They value and respect the staff.
- They are willing to work at being trustees - by researching issues thoroughly, going for additional training, engaging the services of professionals, and coming to meetings prepared.
- They are clear about the roles of director, staff, board and Friends.

Order Your Copy: The new Trustee Handbook is available free of charge online at http://midhudson.org/trustee/main.php or you can order a bound copy from MHLS for $5, find the order form at the above web address.

Administration & Management
Reminder: The Roundtable for New Directors will meet after the June 4th Directors Association (DA) meeting in the MHLS Auditorium. Our topic will be Facilities - Maintenance & Planning for the Future. This roundtable is designed for directors who have been in their position for 3 years or less but we also welcome other directors who have an interest in the topic - we find that is a great way for the new directors to make connections with peers. At this workshop we will cover:
- How to get to know your building,
- Maintenance,
- Space planning, and
- Expansion planning
Please register at http://calendar.midhudson.org

Job Openings
Part time Assistant Director wanted for the Olive Free Library located in West Shokan, Ulster County, NY. Good customer relations a must. Responsibilities include assisting the Director with administrative duties as well as circulation and data entry. Experience in all aspects of library management required. Library studies and experience preferred. Must be proficient on computer and internet. Please send cover letter, salary requirements and resume to M. Shepard c/o the Olive Free Library, PO box 59, West Shokan, NY 12494 or email mabill@earthlink.net with "library" in the Subject line.

MHLS recommends that the minimum starting salary of a full or part-time librarian with an MLS degree be at least equal to that of a teacher with a master's degree in the same community.

Member Libraries are welcome to submit items of interest and job openings to the MHLS Bulletin: bulletin@midhudson.org. The MHLS Bulletin is available on line at http://midhudson.org/bulletins/main.htm.