Vol.10-48   11.30.10

New Executive Director Named

The Mid-Hudson Library System Board of Trustees have announced that they have named Michael Nyerges as the new Executive Director of the Mid-Hudson Library System.

Mr. Nyerges is currently the director of the Geneva Public Library in Geneva, NY, the Central Library of the Pioneer Library System. Mr. Nyerges will begin in the role of MHLS Executive Director in early January 2011.

"Michael brings a wealth of experience in a variety of libraries to MHLS," said MHLS Board President Jim Tuttle in a message to member library directors and System staff last week, "We look forward to working with him to continue providing Mid Hudson's excellent service to the member libraries."

MHLS Announcements
Lessons Learned from "MHLS Goes Green": We wanted to share with you that we've done an internal push to find cost savings through a "Go Green Challenge" here at MHLS. MHLS Staff came up with over 120 ideas to help us save energy, reduce costs and create a healthier work environment. Then, through discussions at our "MHLS Green Team" meetings, (the core team is Interim Director Merribeth Advocate, Finance Manager Linda Vittone, Facility Manager Chris Herron, Marketing & Program Assistant Kerstin Cruger and MHLS Coordinator for Library Growth & Sustainability Rebekkah Smith Aldrich) MHLS has found new and sometimes surprising ways to save money:

Thanks to Facility Manager Chris Herron's quick action, and following the lead of the Howland Public Library in Beacon, we got in on Central Hudson's financial incentive to upgrade the fluorescent lighting in the office building. Central Hudson paid 70 percent of the total installed cost of new, high-efficiency lighting fixtures. The savings realized through energy efficiency will pay back MHLS' portion of the bill in 1.5 years.

"Negotiator Extraordinaire" Doris Formby, MHLS Receptionist & Bookkeeper, was able to help us afford more environmentally friendly paper. FSC, or Forest Stewardship Council, certified, paper means the paper comes from managed forests. Normally pricier than regular paper, Doris worked with W.B. Mason to make the paper affordable for MHLS (and for your library: W.B. Mason will match the price we get or match any lower prices you find*), we're now paying less for FSC paper than we did previously for the less eco-friendly paper.

Chris and Rebekkah assessed the office building and Auditorium building envelopes (windows, doors, walls, roof and foundation) to figure out where heated and cooled air is escaping. Recommendations were then made for the MHLS Facility Plan for the most cost effective repairs and projects for energy efficiency.

One of Merribeth's first executive decisions upon taking over in June was to stop buying bottled water for workshops. At the same time she and Doris worked to renegotiate our water cooler rental agreement. They did such a good job we ended up with two free rental water coolers, both more energy efficient than our old leased one.

Chris and Rebekkah offered "Building Orientation" sessions to MHLS staff to help staff work together to shut off lights when appropriate, follow our recycling rules, and use less paper. Since we had everyone's attention we also went over building opening and closing procedures and safety tips.

Lessons Learned: Pick everyone's brains for ideas - the collective mind is an amazing thing!; renegotiate, renegotiate, and then renegotiate pricing some more; and look for opportunities - financial incentives, grants and expert advice. Reducing costs while improving the environment is a winning combination for libraries!

*Doris is pulling together a list of office and break room supply pricing so member libraries can enjoy the same pricing we've negotiated. This will also let us pool our knowledge in case your library is getting even better pricing than we are. Stay tuned!

Professional Development
E-Gov: Make It Work @ your library Online Seminar - Thursday, December 9th from 2:30 - 4:00pm.

How do you bridge the gap?
- 53% of libraries report that staff do not have the necessary skills to meet patron e-government needs.
- Public library staff report that helping citizens interact with government agencies and access e-government resources is the second most critical service they offer, after providing services to job seekers.

For ready-to-implement ideas, attend this new webinar, co-sponsored by American Libraries, the ALA Office for Research & Statistics, and the ALA Washington Office.

Attend and learn how to:
- Use new e-government resources and data to help patrons
- Develop and market e-government partnerships
- Address key challenges to meeting patron e-gov demands
- Use e-gov data to make the case for your library

Prepare for this free webinar by reading the free downloadable report U.S. Public Libraries and E-Government Services (Published June 2010 by the ALA Office of Research & Statistics ): http://www.ala.org/ala/research/initiatives/plftas/issuesbriefs/brief_e-gov_june.pdf

For more information and to register go to http://calendar.midhudson.org

Resource Sharing & Millennium
2011 Closed Dates: Please submit your 2011 closed dates to help Millennium help your patrons! These include all scheduled closings for holidays, staff development, repairs, or any other time your circulation services are suspended. The dates should be submitted as soon as possible in order for Millennium to calculate your due dates accurately. Submit the dates to Laurie Shedrick, MHLS Automated Systems Manager: email lshedrick@midhudson.org.

Marketing, Advocacy & Funding
Stewart's Shops distributes funds to local nonprofit agencies. Organizations that benefit children are eligible to apply for funds. An application can be downloaded at the Stewart's Shops web site: http://www.stewartsshops.com All applications must be postmarked by January 31, 2011.

Help Your Patrons Get More eBooks! Did you know that the MHLS Digital Download Center, powered by Overdrive, includes 15,000 public-domain, DRM-free eBooks from Project Gutenberg? Downloads do not count against patron checkout limits or have time limits. They aren't really loaded at all - users effectively own the eBooks they download. Selections include popular pre-1923 classics like A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and books by Jack London and Mark Twain. Look for the button shown above on the bottom left of the MHLS Digital Download Center: http://mhls.lib.overdrive.com

Youth Services
2011 YSS Conference: Think Spring! Registration is now open for the 2011 Youth Services Section of NYLA, Spring Conference. This year it is back in Rochester: Friday, April 29, 2011, Holiday Inn Rochester Airport, Rochester, NY. Our very own Christina Ryan-Linder, MHLS Youth Services & Community Connections Coordinator will be presenting a session at the conference on Display & Exhibit Design so if you missed this workshop @MHLS earlier this year here's another chance to catch it! The registration form arrived at your library last week or you can find the online version at: http://www.nyla.org/index.php?page_id=1714

Administration & Management
"What is Micromanagement and What Isn't": "From an executive director: "The board is micromanaging! They're driving me crazy!" And from a board member of the same organization: "Every time we make even a suggestion the executive director flies off the handle and accuses us of micromanaging! Aren't we supposed to be guiding and leading?" Read the full article on BlueAvocado.org's Board Café: http://www.blueavocado.org/node/594

Looking for an easy way to notify patrons about weather closings or delays? Consider using http://www.cancellations.com. Several libraries are using this free service. Your local schools probably use it too. Once you sign up your library for an account you login to post announcements about weather closings or delays. You can do this from any computer, so you can do this from home. Patrons can find the information by searching cancellations.com. Cancellations.com will also give you an icon to put on your web page.

Member Libraries are welcome to submit items of interest and job openings to the MHLS Bulletin: bulletin@midhudson.org. The MHLS Bulletin is available on line at http://midhudson.org/bulletins/main.htm.