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Resources for Car Enthusiasts Through Area Public Libraries

Cruise through the Catalog

Did you know your local library has resources to help you turn back the wheels of time? Materials on automobile history and automobile collecting can be requested through your local library with just a few clicks. It all starts with a library card. Speed over to your local library today and get one! Here are a few books you might want to borrow with your new card:

Test Drive the Databases

Your library has databases, online collections of published material available by subscription, which offer you free access to popular magazines and newspapers. You can use these databases from your home computer, 24 hours a day-7 days a week. A few magazines that might pique your interest include:
  • Autoweek
  • Motor Age
  • Popular Mechanics
  • Wards Auto World

(Note: To find these magazines, go to your local library's home page, click on HomeAccess, type in the 14 digit barcode from your library card, select Proquest & search by Publication.)

In addition to car magazines, titles like the New York Times, Consumer Reports, Newsweek, Forbes, Forbes, Biography, Wall Street Journal, and Time Magazine are also available through the databases.

There is one database devoted entirely to car information, Chilton's Auto Repair Manuals. It covers the years 1954-2007 and offers exclusive photographs, diagnostics designed by instructors, step-by-step repair procedures, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) maintenance schedules, wiring diagrams, recalls and Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) for automobiles and light trucks in an easy-to-use web site format.

(Note: To access Chilton's Auto Repair Manuals go to your local library's home page, click on HomeAccess, type in your 14 digit barcode from your library card, select Chilton's Auto Repair Manuals from the database options and begin your search.)

The Glory of Old Cars
Quotes by Jay Leno, comedian & antique car collector

To me, old cars are like old screen doors. I know that if I jiggle the latch and move it this way, it will open for me and no one else.

When you pull up somewhere driving a 90-year-old steam car, people are amazed that you got there at all. That's what I like: When the real driving pleasure is simply in getting there. It's not how well you did through the twisty bits along the way.

When I drive one of my Duesenbergs down the street, the reaction by the people who see me is so much different than people who see it static in a museum. People think, "Oh geez, it really runs! And that's what it sounds like?" It adds a whole different perspective and brings the old cars to life for a public that may never have seen these cars run.

Turn on the Power of Your Library!

Take advantage of your library today. It's a warehouse of great information! If you can't find something you're looking for, contact your local library to see if they can get it from somewhere else or make a suggestion that they add it to their collection.


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