How to Say It: Quotable Quotes for Promoting Your Library's Services

"The words you use and how you use them tells your visitors where your focus is. Use customer-focused language. Otherwise, they're going to feel like you're the self-centered guest at the party."- Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg, Lisa Davis, Persuasive Online Copywriting: How to Take Your Words to the Bank

Check out these interesting phrases! Scroll through the list or use the menu below to search by topics.

Attention Grabbers
  • Don't Miss This!
    (This might be used as a button on your library's webpage or an attention grabber in a newsletter or promotional piece. See an example here.)
  • Read it!
  • Hot Topics
  • Food for Thought
  • Free!
  • Free download! {Could be used for promoting downloadable audiobooks or content from the databases.}
  • Members only {could be used when referring to your newsletter via email}
  • Good news!
  • Great news!
  • Details inside …
  • Get it Now
Announcing Something New
  • New!
  • New & Notable
  • New offer
  • Introducing…
  • Coming Soon! - (Ex, "Popular authors (or items) on order. To place a request, call, stop by or email the library.")
  • What's New - (Ex. "Check out our list of new books and DVD's.")
  • Get ready to enjoy
Answering Patron Questions
  • How Do I…. (Phrase to introduce FAQ's about your library's services)
  • Ask Here!
  • Info Please!
  • Library Closed? Use our online resources 24/7.
Connection Building Phrases
  • You're linked into…
  • Connect with …
  • Your ticket to…
  • Be part of …
  • People who share your interest in _______
Customer Service Phrases
  • Make a Wish! - Don't see it in our catalog, request it here.
  • Be Our Guest! - Bring your laptop and surf online as long as you like - for free!
  • We take requests
  • A personal message from …{The Director of the _____________ Library}
  • Welcome to…
  • Join us …
  • No problem!
  • You bet!
  • We're inviting you to…
  • Privacy is important to us.
  • We offer you convenience.
  • Registration recommended, walk-ins welcome. (This is a nice phrase for program/event brochures.)
  • Library Closed? Use our online resources 24/7.
  • Let us recommend...
Headlines & Slogans
  • ___________ doesn't have to be expensive. {Ex. "Quality Information doesn't have to be expensive.}
  • Always go to an expert.
  • The best kept secret in ____________.
  • You probably thought you couldn't afford … {A subscription to America's best language learning tool. Now you can. Try it free of charge through your library.)
  • The smart choice.
  • Finally, there's a better way to… {Ex. Get the information you need. Stop Searching and start finding at your local library.)
  • Don't take chances with … (Ex. Trustworthy information.)
Opening Questions
  • Isn't it time you…? (Ex. "Isn't it time you checked out your modern public library?")
  • Did you know that…? (Ex. "Did you know that you could read the New York Times your pajamas? Check it out online through your local library.")
  • Who can put a price on … (Ex. "Who can put a price on the freedom to learn. OR "Who can put a price on the freedom of information.")
Opening Statements
  • Now you can…
  • If you're like most people, you probably …
  • Be your own (plumber, auto-mechanic etc.)
  • ______ like a professional.
  • ______ like an expert.
Promoting the Library
  • Books are just the beginning.
  • Inform, Enrich, Empower.
  • Renew at the Library: Body, Mind, and Spirit.
  • Discover More.
  • Imagine, Learn, Innovate.
  • Wii Will Rock You.
  • Questions and Suggestions.
  • Give your children the __________ they deserve. (Ex. "Give your children the headstart they deserve. Visit the library.")
  • You have better things to do than … (Ex. "Don't you have better things to do than scour the Internet?")
  • All the _________ you need to succeed. (Ex. "All the information you need to succeed@ your local library.)
  • The ideal partner. (Ex. _________ Library - the ideal business partner.)
  • Information, Culture, Entertainment.
  • Library2Go (promoting library online resources.)
  • There are millions of answers online - your library has the right ones.
  • Where you go when Google doesn't know.
  • Learning happens here.
  • Connecting people, information, and ideas.
Promoting Reference Services
  • Ask an Info Expert (instead of "Ask a Reference Librarian" )
  • Ask A Librarian
  • Know it Now
  • Ask the pros
  • Ask Away - reliable answers, anytime.
  • We're the experts
  • When you need professional help
  • Here is the information you requested {this could be used on a handout or in an email when filling a reference request.}
Survey Phrases
  • Your Turn
  • What Do You Think?
  • How Are We Doing?
  • Speak Up! (Vote Online Now)
  • What's it like to be you?
  • Feedback Wanted!
  • Patron Poll
  • Community Pulse. Vote Now!
  • How's this Working for You?
  • Let's Talk About This.
  • Counting Opinions - Customer Satisfaction Survey.
  • What Do You Have to Say?
Targeting Phrases
  • Dear __________ Enthusiast (Ex. "Dear Sports Enthusiast")
  • Dear ________ Lover (Ex. "Dear Book Lover")
  • Dear ________ Buff (Ex. "Dear History Buff")
  • Dear ________ Collector (Ex. "Dear Antique Collector")
  • Dear Reader
Word Types/Expressions
  • A lot
    This is just a partial list of…
    A wealth of …
    A gold mine of…
    Packed with…

  • Choice
    Choices. Choices. Choices.
    You decide
    Whatever/whenever it's convenient for you
    A refreshing alternative
    A wonderful merger of old and new
    An extensive selection
    At home or on the road
    The options are endless
    The selection you deserve
    Value, choice, and selection

  • Complete
    An endless source of

  • Convenient
    Fast, easy access
    Quick reference
    Ready to go
    Instant access
    It's there when you need it
    At home or on the road
    For people on the go

  • Easy
    Easy access
    No fuss
    You don't have to be an expert (Ex. "You don't have to be an information expert, we are. The _________ Library.)
    At a glance
    _______ made easy. (Ex. "Research made easy. __________ Library.)
    No problem!
    No sweat
    Ready to use
    Ready to go
    The easy way
    Within easy reach

  • Effective & Reliable
    Ask the pros
    An assistant you can count on
    Effective and economical
    Save time and money

  • Experienced
    We're professionals.
    Professional expertise.
    ____ is our business.
    ___________ is what we've always done better than anyone else.
    Take advantage of our expertise
    We bring expert information right to you
    Your information experts

  • Increase
    Expand your ______
    Extend your _______
    Boost your ________

  • Informative
    Gives you an insider's grasp of…
    Takes the guesswork out of…
    Opens up new channels of information
    The answers you've always wanted
    Expert advice

  • Popular
    Eagerly awaited
    Everybody's talking about ___________
    Everybody loves ________

  • Security
    Total privacy
    Defends your…
    We're always here when you need us

  • Self-Improvement
    Unlock your…
    Pursue your…
    Improve your…
    Boost your…
    Build your…
    Move ahead…
    Pick up vital new skills…
    Stretch your mind.
    Wake up the _______ inside of you.
    A more satisfying life.
    Imagine the possibilities…
    Invest in yourself.
    ___ will change your life.
    You'll be glad you did.

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A number of these words and phrases were taken from or inspired by the following sources.

Bayan, Richard. Words that Sell: More Thank 6,000 Entries to Help You Promote Your Products, Services, and Ideas. (2006)

Werz, Edward W. Phrases That Sell: The Ultimate Phrase Finder to Help You Promote Your Products, Services and Ideas. (1998)

This toolkit was created on behalf of the 2007-2008 Building Your Base (BYB) project. BYB is funded by Federal Library Services and Technology Act funds,
awarded to the New York State Library by the Federal Institute of Museum and Library Services.


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