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Testimonials Have Impact!

Testimonials are a great tool for promoting your library's resources. They make the benefits of your services more meaningful to users and raise awareness about available services. Since satisfied users report personal benefits, testimonials often carry more weight than other marketing methods.

The best testimonials are specific and used within context. For example, "I like the library" is ineffective. Whereas, "Your library saved my life. My printer broke and I needed to print out my resume for a job interview. I'm so glad you have computers that people can just walk in and use. Thank you."

Tips for Testimonials with Impact

  • If targeting a group, get a representative from the group to speak your praises (For example -The Captain of the Local Fire Company.)
  • Use the person's full name and title.
  • Include a photo if possible.
  • Use known people whenever possible.

Gathering Testimonials

  • Listen to what people say. If they share something positive and specific, ask if you can record it and share it in future promotional materials.
  • Have a sign at the reference desk, "If you like our library, please let us know how we've been helpful to you."
  • Ask for feedback at programs, on your website, at community events, at the reference desk etc. and record the strongest testimonials for marketing purposes. If you are using a survey, include at the end "May we use your name and comments for marketing purposes?"

Where You Might Use Testimonials

  • In marketing materials such as flyers or bookmarks.
  • In press releases.
  • On signage.
  • On your website. Interspersed throughout or as a link such as, "Here's what people are saying about us."
  • In your annual report to the community.
  • Use feedback gathered to promote your library in new and different ways. For example:
    • Interesting Things to Do at the Library…
    • Did You Know You Could Do This at the Library?

See Samples

This toolkit was created on behalf of the 2007-2008 Building Your Base (BYB) project. BYB is funded by Federal Library Services and Technology Act funds,
awarded to the New York State Library by the Federal Institute of Museum and Library Services.


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