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About the Collection:

As of 3/2014 we have a new OverDrive portal to Juvenile eBooks and downloadable audiobooks. This separate environment just contains juvenile titles, categorized by reading level, accessible from a link on the MHLS Digital Download Collection that says "For Kids - eReading Room" and directly from All Juvenile titles also continue to appear in the main MHLS Digital Download Collection.


How Check-out Works:

Marketing: Marketing and promotional resources including web graphics, best practices, social media, programming and events, public relations template, OverDrive Readbox: Embedded eBook Samples

Downloading OverDrive Titles at the Library

OverDrive LEAP Program Instituted: As of 1/2013 we have instituted the OverDrive LEAP program. There is a link on the MHLS Digital Download page that says "Accessible eBooks" giving patrons with print disabilities access to eBooks. Library eBook Accessibility Program (LEAP) is a partnership between OverDrive and The link directs patrons to apply for a Bookshare membership from our OverDrive-powered site. The accessible books will be provided by Bookshare to patrons enrolled in LEAP. OverDrive’s role in the program is to fully fund one year of membership for your qualifying patrons (details on ). There is no cost to MHLS or member library for this added feature.

Information for Selectors


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