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An Easy Way to Find Good Books

Have you ever read everything by your favorite author and thought to yourself, “Now what?” Do you like to know about the latest books, audio books and DVDs available at your local library? Then Hudson Valley Reads is for you!

Hudson Valley Reads is a service available through the Library Catalog. Sign up for monthly e-alerts and get great book suggestions by email. We'll deliver reading lists right to your inbox which will include new gems, bestsellers, and related titles.

There are twenty possible lists to sign up for spanning everything from new fiction and nonfiction to great reads for kids and teens, mystery, romance, science fiction and fantasy, books that have been featured on TV, books that are great for book groups and more!

  • Step one: Click on Library Catalog
  • Step two: Under “In Demand” click on “Hudson Valley Reads
  • Step three: Click the check boxes next to the categories you’re interested in
  • Step four: Enter your email address and click “subscribe”

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