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Thomas Finnigan (845)471-6060 ext.244
Christopher Herron (845)471-6060 ext.247


Tips for CD and DVD use: Handle a DVD more carefully than a CD. To remove from the case, press the "push here" button on the hub located at the center of the disc. Using your other hand, gently remove the disc by its outer edge. Never remove by prying the outer edge.

Tips for Videocassette use: Store videocassettes in a cool, dry place, away from direct heat, light and magnetic field (such as your television set). Don't force the controls on your VCR.. Use slowly and carefully to prevent jamming and damage. Clean tape heads on your VCR periodically. Never leave videocassettes in your VCR after use. This can cause wrinkling, slack, and stretching. Always rewind your cassettes immediately after use. For more information about caring for videotape see tips from American Institute for Conservation of Historical and Artistic Works , the Do's and Don'ts of Videotape Care , and info from the Magnetic Media Restoration Company (click on Magnetic Tape Preservation).



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