MHLS Home Delivery Services


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: To whom are the drivers responsible and who manages the delivery service?
A: The drivers are responsible to Hudson River Transports but interact with Mid-Hudson Library System personnel daily. Management of the delivery service is by Mid-Hudson Library System personnel.

Q: How do I report delivery problems?
A: Contact Tom Finnigan (x244) or Chris Herron (x247) or the Shipping/Receiving Department (x218) at Mid-Hudson.

Q: What if an item is lost?
A: Post a message to the Mid-Hudson Library System listserv first as we have found that many items are misplaced and put on non-owning libraries shelves by mistake. Also, use the Millennium system to thoroughly investigate the trail of the item. If the item is still not located, we will work with Hudson River Transports to solve the problem.

Q: What do I do if my delivery doesn't arrive?
A: If there is a problem with delivery on a route we will call the libraries or post a message to the MHLS-MILLENNIUM listserv. Please understand that there are many variables that may affect delivery such as accidents, road construction, weather, vehicle breakdown, detours, etc.

Q: What will happen to an item that loses its delivery routing slip?
A: The item will be sent to the owning library.

Q: What is the procedure for sending computers to Mid-Hudson for repair if you have signed a contract with us?
A: Securely package the computer in a durable box, preferably a computer box, and attach a non-bin form to the box.

Q: What is the procedure for returning items from other libraries?
A: Click here for details.





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