MHLS Home Delivery Services


Member Library Responsibilities

  • Place Mid-Hudson shipping bins and other clearly labeled items for pick-up such as audio-visual equipment in the same place every day. If we bring three bins on Monday, there should be three bins sitting there on Tuesday whether there are items in them or not.
  • The Non-Bin Form must be attached to any materials going through the MHLS delivery system that are separate from the regular shipping bins. Materials will not be picked up unless this form is attached.
  • Provide a clear and unobstructed path to the bins inside and outside your library.
  • Do not send fragile items, boxes of book donations, furniture, or materials that are rare or irreplaceable.
  • Follow the MHLS Delivery Packagaing Recommendations.
  • Place items in shipping bins in an organized manner. The neater the boxes are, the less that have to be used.
  • Items of the same size can be banded together but do not band together items going to different destinations. Uneven sized banded items will be taken apart so we can utilize all space in a shipping box.
  • Clearly label the Mid-Hudson routing slips with the "to" line filled out with the library name and place facing the front of the item. When re-using the routing slips, cross out the old "to". Note as of January 2008, the delivery location must be printed in a large format at the top of the delivery slip and secured in the item. Do not use the location's 3-letter code.
  • Materials going to a correctional facility should have their routing slip addressed to "MHLS ILL Dept".
  • Notify Mid-Hudson ahead of time of any lock or alarm changes.





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