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Staff Evaluation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.      How often should staff be evaluated?

A formal evaluation of employee performance should be performed at least once a year. New employees should be evaluated prior to the end of their probationary period, generally at three or six months from the initial hiring.

Performance evaluations may also be conducted at other times at the discretion of the supervisor to further assist employees in improving performance or to formally advise them of performance or disciplinary problems.

2.      Should only full-time employees receive evaluations, or should part-time employees also receive evaluations?

Performance evaluation is a responsibility of every manager and should be performed for every employee regardless of status as full or part time. Note that although supervisors are responsible for evaluating performance in a responsible and timely manner, failure to conduct a performance review when scheduled should not be construed to mean that performance has been satisfactory. In most cases, no employee has a legal or contractual right to a performance evaluation.

3.      Is it necessary to evaluate volunteers or friends?

Performance evaluation is generally limited to paid employees of an organization.

4.      What are the benefits to evaluating staff?

The purposes and benefits of performance evaluation include but are not limited to:

5.      If my Board doesn’t perform a formal evaluation of the director, should I encourage them to do so and why?

Performance evaluation is an important tool to enhance the performance of any organization, libraries included.  When done properly, it can:

Check out the MHLS Model for Director Evaluation.

6.      Should an evaluation provide an opportunity for the staff member to formally respond to the evaluation?

The employee is expected to participate in the performance evaluation discussion with the supervisor. Following the discussion of performance between the supervisor and the employee, the employee has the opportunity to indicate in writing whether he or she concurs with the evaluation. The evaluation form should contain an area for Employee Comments where the staff can enter written comments regarding the evaluation.

7.      What are the areas of performance that should be evaluated?

The employee's job description provides an objective standard by which performance is evaluated. The evaluation should include a discussion between the supervisor and the employee regarding:

8.      Where can I go for more in-depth information on staff evaluation?

Some materials on staff evaluation include:

  • Updated February 2006