Local History Materials Survey

We would appreciate having more information about your library’s Local History Materials. The results of this survey will be studied by the MHLS Central Library / Collection Development Advisory Committee, and will be posted on the MHLS web site to facilitate resource sharing.

NOTE: If your local history materials are grouped in separate collections, please submit one form for each collection.


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Library name:

Person responding to the survey:

1. Description of materials

2. Approximate number of items in this collection:

3. Are the materials restricted to in-library use or are they available for circulation?

In-library use only
Circulating only

4. How much of the collection is linked?

about 1/4 of the collection
about 1/2 of the collection
about 3/4 of the collection

5. How are the materials accessed? (check all that apply)

Open stacks
Only during specific hours
By appointment
With staff supervision