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Notes from the Friends Support Group
January 2007

Friends Support Group Notes | January 31, 2007
Topic: Best Practices for Working with Your Library's Board of Trustees



Facilitated Discussion Notes:

Friend- to-Board communication

Potential Conflicts:

Deciding what Friends $ should be spent on:

Role of the Director

Bylaws / mission statement

Role / use of email for internal communications between the Friends and board


"Off-topic Topics":

Examples of Membership Benefits:
-get into book sale early
-fine waived coupon
-newsletter just for members
-$5 off @book sale
-Gift items - % off gift items (ex: note cards, bags, coffee mugs)

Membership Forms:
-Collect email addresses on membership form
-Skills / prof. experience a new member is willing to share with the group

Appeal letter tips:
-signed by both Friends and Library board presidents
-describe past accomplishments
-plan for the future

Membership acknowledgement (once a new member sends in their membership form and dues - what next?)
-welcome letter: describe how to become more involved in the group

Fundraising Activities
Trivia Contest
Irish Band Concert
Victorian Tea @ local B&B
Restaurant Crawl
Soup Night

Events - two, sometimes separate, purposes:
-PR - don't have to break even (suggested donations rather than entrance fee)

Next meeting: Monday, April 30th Topic: Events


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