Mary Jo Ketchum

Ms. Ketchum began her nonprofit career as a volunteer for the first 20 years of her "married life." Hired as an auction manager at her sons' school, she ran it for 10 years, expanding her role to special events, volunteer coordinator, parent liaison, and public relations. She retired and started her own consulting business, specializing in auctions, auction software, feasibility studies, facilitation of board retreats, capital campaign planning, along general development consulting.

Most recently Ms. Ketchum has applied her expertise as a library trustee and fundraising consultant to the New York Library Association's Vitality Fund. The Vitality Fund is NYLA's capital campaign designed to purchase a new building. From the inception of the project, she has conducted training sessions with various committee members, worked with them for prospect research, development of their case and action plan.

She is also the president of The Association of Contract Library Trustees in Western New York. A very busy woman indeed! She has taken time out of a very busy schedule to contribute to the e fundraising forum Project's Forum on Trustees & Fundraising.