Interview with Mary Jo Ketchum
  August 30, 2000

Why did you become (and stay on as) a library trustee?

How strikingly simple and basic to all fund raising efforts is the answer to that question: Someone asked me! Of course, the real key to becoming a member of the Elma Library Board of Trustees was having an observant librarian. She noted the regular trooping of my family - four little boys - in our tow each Friday night, stocking up for the weekend, and concluded that we had an abiding interest in the importance of reading, and that it would probably last for a while! When her board asked for recommendations, she offered my name. The president of the Board called, with no previous acquaintance to pave the way. I was truly honored to receive the invitation. I have continued for 22 years because I have felt needed, that my efforts have made a difference. At the same time, I cannot fail to acknowledge the incredible number of opportunities for learning and sharing that have come my way as a result of being a trustee. There is some valid argument for term limitations, but I am grateful that there are none in Elma!


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