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  Susan Love
Susan Love
Susan Love
Fundraising Consultant

With twelve years of fundraising experience and a Masters degree in Nonprofit Management from the New School for Social Research, Ms. Love certainly fits the bill as a "fundraising expert."
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  Hiring a Consultant and the Feasibility Study
  How do you justify the costs of hiring an outside consultant?
  If a library doesn't have the money to hire a consultant,
what should they focus their limited time and resources on?
  Fundraising in Millbrook
  Feasibility Study
  What is a feasibility study, and why is it needed?
  Is part of a feasibility study determining how much you are going to raise?
  What are some good techniques libraries can put into practice to learn more about their constituencies?
  The Campaign
  How do you best conduct your annual fundraising campaign
during the same year you plan to run a capital campaign?
  How long should a campaign last?
  How do you keep momentum going?
  What happens if you fall short of your fundraising goal?
  After the Campaign
  How should money be handled?
What about extra money, can a library spend
a campaign's surplus money on other projects?
  Planned Giving
  What, if any, are the legal issues associated with
accepting gifts through a planned giving program?


Case Study - Millbrook Library
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