Featured Expert   
Susan Love
August 2000

What is a feasibility study, and why is it needed?

"A feasibility study basically finds out if what you want to do is realistic. It also does the job of finding people who are going to participate and help you. You will also find out how people feel about your institution. When you go to ask people for their opinion, they give you both the good and the bad. You want those bad opinions to be right out there up front. You want to know what your problems are so you can address them. You'll probably want to do a press campaign before you start. You want your community to be ready, and you want them to like you.

Another thing that will emerge is a series of concepts- if you are not quite sure what you should focus your fundraising on and you ask for advice- [if you should] build a larger children's section, or a bigger computer center - the feasibility study will help your focus.

Someone should be devoting their full attention to the study, otherwise it could drag on for months."


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