Featured Expert  
Susan Love
August 2000

Is part of a feasibility study determining how much you are going to raise?

"Yes it is. You do that by making sure that the people you interview are representative of all the different groups in your community. You want to make sure that you have some of your potential major donors in that group. Some of these donors may be familiar with being interviewed, and therefore, they know that when the interviewer comes through the door they might ask them for their help, advice and input. They also know that the person is going to ask them, 'if there were going to be a campaign, what category of donor would you put yourself in?' It's always a delicate moment in a feasibility study. It's something that is much easier for someone outside the community to do.

When a feasibility study report is given to the library board, no names are cited. You say 'Of the 20 -30 people interviewed, there were "X" number of people who put themselves into "Y" level of donors.' It's all done without specific names and becomes a question of statistics and calculations that are put together. Obviously the scale of the study depends on the size of the campaign and the size of the constituency."


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