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Susan Love
August 2000

What, if any, are the legal issues associated with accepting gifts through a planned giving program?

There isn't a problem if they are a 501c3 [tax-exempt organization]. Without 501c3 status, you can't give a tax receipt. Without being able to give a tax receipt, you're not going to have as much oomph and punch in your fundraising. I'm not sure how long it takes to do that, probably a couple of months. I would very much suggest you get a lawyer on the board to do that, it's pretty important.

Once you've done that, then there are many different vehicles you can use to accept money for planned giving. There are charitable remainder trusts, accepting stock, all sorts of things that are vastly beneficial to your donors. Those are easy to get on the web. The web has so much fundraising information it, its just magical.


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