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Public Library funding in New York State is a patchwork of public and private funds.

Depending on the type of library budget strategies differ.

For resources to help with winning your vote check out the MHLS Public Library Vote Toolbox: Know-how for Your Library's Vote

Resources to help you secure adequate funding for your library:

Marketing & PR
Knowing your community and providing what they need when they need it is a key component to funding for public libraries. This resource page gives you to the tools needed in the areas of marketing and public relations.
Regardless of type all libraries in New York must advocate on the local, state and federal level for stable funding. The MHLS Advocacy Resources section provides information such as legislators addresses, current legislation impacting public libraries and tools to be an effective public library advocate.

Most libraries do some form of fundraising, either directly or through a Friends Group. MHLS has collected a variety of fundraising resources for public libraries including information about book sales, grant writing, and capital campaigns.