From (Your Library) Public Library


Congratulations on your child getting his/her first library card! We hope this is an exciting experience for you and your child and that you will visit the library often.

The library is a wonderful place for children of all ages. They can read, learn and grow by using our resources. Besides library materials and computers, our library offers entertaining and educational programs for young people. There are story times, special holiday programs, performances by great performers and the NYS Summer Reading Program, just to name a few.

Remember, however, that the library is a public place and for your child's safety, it is not wise to allow children to be unattended. Children under age (insert here whatever age your library's policy states) must be accompanied by a responsible adult while in any area of the library.

We hope you and your child will visit the library often in the coming years and spend many enjoyable hours here, selecting books to enjoy at home and attending programs. By introducing your child to the library and reading, you are setting the stage for a lifetime of using library resources for entertainment and education.