Help us help your students! Please use this form to notify your public library when students will have an assignment for which they might use the library. Fill in as much information as you feel necessary for library staff to assist students.


Teacher_____________________ OR Media Specialist_____________________

Grade or Class________________

Phone______________ E-mail____________________________________

 Today’s Date ______________Due Date_________________

Ĝ      Type of assignment (check all that apply)

            ______Paper under 5 pages                       _____Speech

            ______Paper 5-10 pages                          _____Group project

            ______Paper over 10 pages                                 _____Series of questions                   

Other (describe briefly)_____________________________

Ĝ      Is this an annual assignment?  Yes    No

Are there a minimum number of sources to be used?  No   Yes   How many?___________

Ĝ      Types of sources students may use  (Circle all that apply.)  

     Books        Encyclopedias    Magazines   Newspapers    Internet sites    

     Online databases               Other (please specify)

Ĝ      Are there sources that cannot be used? Please specify.

Ĝ      Are students required to us a particular bibliographic style sheet?  Yes   No

     Type of sheet:    MLA    APA    Turabian    Chicago    Other___________________

Ĝ      Number of students doing this assignment _____

Ĝ      Would you like us to place appropriate materials for this assignment on reserve for use only in the library?  Yes    No

Ĝ      Do you have a web page related to this assignment? No    Yes  URL_______________

Please mail, fax, or bring this form to the library. For questions about library resources, please contact _________________ at Phone____________  FAX________________ E-mail _______________