For Public and School Libraries




Grade_____________            Phone__________________________



Please indicate below the ways the ___________Public Library can help you and your students.


1.  Prepare a subject book list of materials at our library

            Subject________________  Grade level___________


2.  Display classroom projects (Please describe project)

            Subject_________________  How many displays?______________

            Size of project____________________When available?_________

            How long will display be available?__________________


3. Attend school back to school open house to invite people to register for public library card

            Date____________________ Time___________________


4. Present book talk or read to class

            Subject or book_____________ How long?_____________



5.  Schedule class visit to public library

            Date____________________ Time_____________

            Number of children______

            Specific subjects students are studying_____________________


6.  Help compose suggested summer reading list? Grade levels__________


7.  Make presentation to students about summer reading program at library

            Date___________Time______ How long?______________


 8.   Do demonstration of library databases at class visit

Date___________Time______ How long?______________     

9. Arrange with school librarian to do short stories/craft project during parent/teacher conferences, to help facilitate families visiting teachers without children present.

Date____________________ Time______________ How long? _________________


Are there other ways we could work together?

Please contact ________________ at the _________Library for more information.

Phone________________  E-mail______________________________