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The Mid-Hudson Valley is one of the fastest growing regions in NY State. Consider the following:

MHLS Project Provided Resources for New Residents
Through the Your Library: Gateway to the Community Project,
the Mid-Hudson Library System assisted libraries in serving newcomers with special programs and services. New residents learned about their communities, met new people, experienced the library, and obtained valuable resources through library outreach efforts piloted in 10 target libraries during 2004. Below are some of the basics to reaching out to new residents, developed through this project:

Why Reach Out to New Residents?

How to Reach Out to New Residents:

1. Welcome Newcomers to the Community

2. Welcome Newcomers to the Library

3. Use the Library Registration Card Survey to learn why new patrons, especially new residents, are prompted to use your library. The results can help you target your marketing activities for maximum exposure. To use this survey:

4. Celebrate new library card registrants!

5. Offer library programs geared specifically to new residents.

6. Market the library as a resource for new residents.

7. Link to and promote Helpful Links for Living in the Hudson Valley, a resource developed primarily for new residents, on your web site. Use this flyer to spread the word.  

8. Consider a customer service refresher to enhance the overall service environment of your library: Contact Sue Hermans at, or (845) 485-3445 x 3313 to arrange a session at your library.


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