Minutes of the MHLS Continuing Education Advisory Committee

Dec. 2, 1999, 10 am - 12:30 PM

Present: Peggy Alt (Philmont), Jim Cosgrove - Chair (Marlboro), Jody Ford (Stone Ridge), Hilary Gold (Phoenicia), Patricia Kaufman (Mahopac), Lisa LeGloahec (LaGrange), Donna Pidgeon (Windham)

Excused: none

Absent: none

Central Library Representative:  Julie Cohen

MHLS Staff: Merribeth Advocate (Cont. Ed.), Lisa Areford (Youth Services), Josh Cohen (Outreach).

DA Representative:  Carol Donick

Children's Advisory Committee: Barbara Hayman-Diaz (PPLD- Poughkeepsie),

Laura Polikoff , Susan Tumminia (Marlboro) and Peggy Alt.

Meeting began at 10:07. Minutes of previous meeting approved.

Members of the Children's Advisory Committee presented their needs for educational programs and opportunities.  They would like to see more workshops directed at serving Young Adult (YA) patrons and "upper elementary" age children.  Josh Cohen suggested that libraries look at how YA programming fits the community as well as the library. P. Alt reminded members that Columbia and Greene County libraries don't have designated children services staff and workshops must include directors or designated staff.  Hayman-Diaz asked for more resources to be placed on the MHLS website, including links to the local school websites. Advocate has referred this suggestion to the MHLS WebTeam, and recommended directly contacting them with any further  recommendations. Hayman-Diaz  bemoaned the loss of an updated performers directory which Rusty Wigg formerly maintained.  This began a discussion on creating a Children's Services manual which would consolidate tasks including sharing resources among members.  This is tentatively scheduled for May 2000. The Summer Reading workshop will be held in January (tentative 1/19), with Performers Showcase in the afternoon.

Plans are being made for a workshop, Tried and True Programming for Children and Youth, presented in May with a idea manual created based on ideas from member libraries.


A. Identify trainers in the area

As per Karen Starr's recommendation, members were asked to think of persons with special talents in our area so we could create a database of instructors for future programs.  Carol Donick offered to ask for volunteers on the MHLS listserv.  Kaufman thought that the list should be topic oriented.  Cosgrove wondered how local was "local"?

Ford brought up the issue of honoraria for presenters.

B. Workshops that need names

At a previous meeting, the CE Advisory Committee discussed how a creative and catchy name for workshops can boost attendance. They brainstormed today and came up with suggested names for Babies and Books funded workshops, including Toddler Time Techniques and Tunes for Tots.

C. Building/Expansion Ad Hoc Committee report

Cosgrove reported that after conferring with Kaufman and Josh Cohen, he would soon be canvassing the listserv concerning specific areas desired for a workshop in this area.


A. Policies and programs survey

Advocate distributed a draft of a member survey form designed to discover which libraries have set policies and programs.  This information would be used to determine need for presenting future programs and MHLS website information.  It was acknowledged that members don't like completing surveys.  Advocate took suggestions for members for re-design and will report back on the survey results.

B. Best workshops attended

Advocate polled committee members on what were the best events they had ever attended in an effort to devine the elements that make up successful C.E. programming. Included in the "best" was duplicable materials including recommended websites sites and PowerPoint presentations on disk. The committee felt that these were more useful "in the field" than links on a website.

C. Web conferencing

Advocate distributed a printout of web conferencing communications available to the committee via Dutchess BOCES.  The committee by consensus thought that the means of internal communication at our disposal, i.e. MHLS listserv and e-mail distribution list were sufficient for the time being.

C. CE topic suggestions

Advocate presented a draft of workshop ideas for discussion. Subjects that interested most committee members included more Circ.procedure lessons, marketing of the library and space planning.  Dates for 2000 were chosen.

Committee meeting dates for 2000 were also selected.

Meeting adjourned 12:30 PM

Next meeting: March 13, 2000

Respectfully submitted by Jim Cosgrove