Mid Hudson Library System

Continuing Education Advisory Meeting

Minutes of the February 12 meeting

Present: Merribeth Advocate, Peggy Alt, Jane Daniels, Lisa LeGloahec,

Absent: Lisa Areford (Cairo), Jim Cosgrove (Marlborough), Carol Donick (Garrison), Jody Ford (Stone Ridge), Hilary Gold, (Phoenicia); Patricia Kaufman (Mahopac); Lauren Muffs (PPLD);Leslie Riley (RCLS), Karen Starr (SENYLRC);

Meeting called to order by Jane Daniels at 12:30

Merribeth reviewed the technology programs she had presented under the LSTA grant.  Helping Patrons use the computer has been given twice, and will be given later in the month. She will be giving Internet: the basics 10 times by the end of March.

Discussion occurred about a program on volunteers. Not only was a program on how to deal with volunteers needed but also a program about different kinds.

Fees for people presenting programs was discussed. In the past $25 had been the fee for librarians and $15 for others. Given amount of time to prepare a program, Jane felt that the fees were too low. Everyone felt that a more thorough discussion should take place at the April meeting.

The next meeting will be held after the April 13 Director’s Meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30