MHLS Continuing Education Advisory Committee Meeting

Minutes -- September 2, 1999 meeting.


Members:         Peggy Alt (Philmont), Jim Cosgrove (Marlboro), Jody Ford (Stone Ridge),       Pat Kaufman (Mahopac), Lisa LaGloahec (LaGrange),Lauren Muffs (Central   Library Representative - outgoing), Julie Cohen (Central Library Representative)

MHLS staff:     Merribeth Advocate

Excused:           Hilary Gold (Phoenicia), Lisa Areford (Cairo)

Absent: Carol Donick (Director's Association Liaison),

Other:   Karen Starr (Southeastern Library System), Josh Cohen (MHLS staff and        former CE staff member), Bobbi Clapp (Coordinator of Babies & Books grant program)


Meeting called to order by Merribeth Advocate at 10:00 AM.


Jim Cosgrove was elected chair of the committee and conducted the remainder of the meeting. Lauren Muffs announced that this would be her last meeting representing the Central Library and introduced Julie Cohen who will serve in that capacity.  On behalf of the Committee, the chair thanked Lauren for her service and accepted her news with regret. It was noted that Lisa Areford resigned her position at Cairo Library and therefore the committee would need to find a replacement for her, hopefully, from Greene County.  Lisa LoGloahec agreed to stay on the committee, renewing her term, which will now expire in 2002.  Terms of membership were reviewed and are given below:


(Areford) and LeGloahec

Through 1999

Alt and Cosgrove

Through 2000

Ford, Gold and Kaufman

Through 2001

The first hour of the meeting was given over to Karen Starr's presentation concerning Southeastern's Continuing Education strategic planning document. Starr asked for input

from the committee and members were encouraged to send ideas and/or comments to Karen directly at or through Advocate at .

The CE committee endorsed the direction of the initiative and were especially gratified for its philosophic bent toward people over programs. The document will be finalized and presented to the SENY board for action by year end.


Advocate provided the committee with handouts on a number of CE issues including a review past 1999 CE programs and those planned for the fall and winter. The annual reference program is scheduled for November. The draft release of MHLS's Plan of Service for the year 2000 was also distributed showing a CE goal -

Goal: Integrate educational offerings into System services:

1) Develop computer help resources on MHLS web page;

2) Enhance focus on member construction projects and federal telecom discounts;

3)Assist members in the development of electronic access policies and procedures;

4) Coordinate continuing education offerings with Southeastern and RCLS contingent on funding and external negotiations.

Josh Cohen approached the committee to see if there was interest in sponsoring a presenter from the LAMA section of the ALA who has expertise in library building and expansion. Cosgrove felt that the members should be polled via listserv in order to determine if there would be enough interest to justify the expense. A sub-committee of Cosgrove, Kaufman and Cohen was formed to follow-up and present results at the next meeting.

Bobbi Clapp presented an overview of the grant funded workshops that have occurred through the Babies and Books grant, and CE members agreed it was a solid program.  Clapp suggested to the committee that CE programs concerning children’s services are rated highly as a need by the membership.

Advocate presented a list of CE Workshop ideas, based on member input, through evaluations and direct recommendations sent to her, from which the committee discussed and developed a short list which were thought to be topical and would get a good response among the membership.  Some ideas discussed concerned library material care and repair, developing good press relations, children's services, Intellectual freedom, public policy and the Internet and dealing with Patron Rage. It was suggested that the Children's Services Advisory Committee should be approached for specific ideas relating to children’s and youth services. The committee was encouraged to e-mail Advocate with additional ideas. It was mentioned that at the next meeting we will discuss "What is the most useful educational program you attended?" for CE planning purposes.

The tracking of workshop participation was discussed. Muffs pointed out the usefulness of having documentation of the workshops you have attended, for Civil Service and/or job applications. The committee decided that a printout of staff CE participation would be sent to each library in December, with individual attendance certificates available from Advocate upon request.

Since this committee meets only four times a year, Cosgrove suggested that each CE member develop an e-mail distribution list (one e-mail address, i.e. "CEmems," w/ each members e-mail address included in it) so we can conduct "virtual meetings" for follow-up discussion of CE ideas, among other things.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:45 PM.

Next meeting Dec. 2, 1999 at 10 AM