MHLS Continuing Education / Professional Development
 Advisory Committee Meeting
Alice Curtis Desmond and Hamilton Fish Library in Garrison
July 18, 2001
10:00 – 1:00


Attended: Sally Alderdice, Merribeth Advocate, Lena Smolon, Denise Garofalo, Wendy Fuller, Pat Dagata, Carol Donick, Kathleen McLaughlin, John Georghiou, Nancy Foster, Tessa Killian (SENYLRC)

Excused: Susan Polikoff, Donna Pidgeon, Lisa LeGloahec, Leslie Riley (RCLS)

Topics Discussed:


· CE Committee recommends to the Central Library / Collection Development Committee that they administer a survey to members to find out what special collections our libraries offer (language, topic, etc).
·        As an alternative option for the MHLS System Tours, CE Committee recommends making a video tour of MHLS to share with member employees and trustees, and possibly making that available on the website.
·        CE Committee recognizes the value of the audience being able to ask questions at workshops and recommends building into each workshop a time to ask questions.
·        CE Committee recommends that MHLS provide a framework for annual report data collection so that reported numbers between member libraries is comparable.


Submitted by Merribeth Advocate, 8/2/01
Amended 10/3/01