Continuing Education/Professional Development Committee


January 31, 2001

Present:        M. Advocate (MHLS), S. Alderdice (Claverack) [chair], P. Dagata (Pawling), C. Donick (Garrison), T. Finnigan (MHLS), N. Foster (PPLD), W. Fuller (Chatham), D. Garofalo (MHLS), J. Georghiou (Plattekill), T. Killian (SENYLRC), L. LeGloahec (LaGrange), K. McLaughlin (Putnam Valley), D. Pidgeon (Windham), S. Polikoff (PPLD), R. Smith (MHLS), L. Smolen (MHLS)

Materials distributed:  Agenda, the 2000 CE calendar, “Training Tomorrow’s Leaders” course descriptions, draft SENYLRC CE survey, copy of MHLS CE Committee Web page, MHLS Plan of Service 2001, Public Library Trustee Education Opportunities, draft of Trustee Curriculum, SENYLRC 5-year CE Plan of Service, Five-Year Library System Plan of service (guidelines), Reflections on Central Library Services for Member Libraries

The Committee requested that the Annual report Workshop (held on January 25) be converted to VHS and multiple copies be made available through WebBook, under subject heading of MHLS Training.

The Committee decided to include Roundtable and User Group meetings in the CE contact hours, beginning with meetings in 2000.

The Committee requested that a summary of each workshop be put up on the MHLS Web site with a note that handouts are available by contacting Merribeth.

Plan of Service point number 4 is the responsibility of the Programs

and Grants Committee. The Continuing Education and Professional

Development Committee requests that as a part of “work with

libraries on effective marketing strategies” is very important.

Issues and Discussion:  

The Committee viewed excerpts of a videorecording of the annual report workshop held on January 25 and discussed issues and difficulties with taping and distributing (quality differences in attended vs. unattended taping, recording problems with images projected on screen, additional staff allocation for recording, length of workshops). The Committee supports distributing unedited taping. Information on how to book materials will be posted on the listserv and put in the Bulletin.

T. Killian requested feedback on the draft Regional CE Survey, which will be available in print and on the Web soon. Comments can be sent to by February 2.

“Training Tomorrow’s Leaders” contains 5 semester-long courses on Library Management, Financial Management, Human Resources Administration, Financial Management, Legal Issues, and Public Libraries Facilities, being held SUNY Stony Brook. Members have suggested that this models a track for director professional development workshops. Committee suggested one every other month, with each day set so that people who could only attend a half-day would be able to do so. Suggested frequency for the series is every other year with an annual technology update. Committee considers it a core offering.

The CE budget was approved for $10,000 for 2001. A digital camera for recording workshops was purchased from the Verizon grant.

In effort to make workshop offerings not conflict with county meting dates, members had been asked to send the schedules to Dutchess is the only county that did for 2001.

M. Advocate will send Committee members copies of a draft of a core competencies document.

K. McLaughlin mentioned Rochester’s Core Competencies on the Web, which includes tutorials. M. Advocate will send out the URL and link it to the MHLS website under Resources.

MHLS Plan of Service 2001—the Committee’s charge is point #3.

·        LAMA Building Institute will be held March 26. Cost is $75 per person from MHLS. S. Alderdice spoke positively and from experience on the Institute, and encouraged trustees to attend.

·        Spring’s Annual Reference workshop is coming up. Health was covered at the last one. The Committee suggested the topic be whatever D. Horowitz (PPLD) felt is the hot reference topic.

·        For ongoing training, S. Alderdice said ILL is changing so quickly it’s difficult to plan a workshop on it. K. McLaughlin suggested a VDX workshop from SENYLRC, and one on system holds. D. Garofalo mentioned that drafts of materials for patron holds will be distributed at Friday’s Directors Association meeting. FAQs on the MHLS Web site will support this topic.

·        P. Dagata suggested distributing a listing to each library of what staff have attended which sessions for how many hours. S. Polikoff explained the impact of CE contact hours for civil service employees.

·        Under alternative methods of delivery, the Committee suggests unedited video with the subject heading in WebBook of MHLS Training.

·        SE info on CE offerings is distributed to all MHLS member libraries. Info on statewide and other opportunities is also distributed when available. C. Donick will provide info on library talks given on library buildings that have had renovations or construction in Connecticut.

·        Handout distribution—a summary is attached to the handouts and sent to every library. Feedback on this process has been negative. Summary should continue, but on Web.

Committee discussed how to share good comments from patrons. C. Donick suggested libraries ask for a note from a patron complimenting the library, or have a guest book they could enter that in. W. Fuller said one library had a bulletin board for such.

Trustee Curriculum Development—comments so far are very positive, only negative is curriculum may be ambitious. To capitalize on time available, some topics listed will be covered with a handout and not discussion. Trustees will receive information on roles of trustees, staff, etc. Committee suggested indicating that staff job descriptions are a director’s responsibility, not a trustee’s. E-mail by February 9 with suggestions on this curriculum.

LSTA grant ideas—CD-ROMs on technology training for member libraries, without software requirements on the PCs or specific software on the PC that is not on the CD-ROM (suggested topic, How to use HomeAccess); for Economic Development, Career Enhancement Exploration Web portal for job seekers at all levels (i.e. non-English speakers, GED seekers, etc.), with workshops supporting program [will need marketing, and touch base with organizations that refer people so they get referred to the library]; and for Electronic Content, a local history project to support the Regent’s requirement for original document research by school children. E-mail by February 9 with other suggestions.

Central Library/Resource Sharing Committee discussed Central Library’s role in CE, including increasing awareness of service level at local level, county reference centers and Central Library. Need collection development ideas; what to do if you have a small, medium or large reference collection, with Central Library providing training at the county level.

K. McLaughlin wants to know what PPLD has—dbs, journals, etc. M. Advocate said that during the recent MHLS System Tour, PPLD staff said receiving a reference request via e-mail, fax or paper (rather than phone calls) allows the requests to be batched sequentially. Central Library/Resource Sharing Committee suggested creation of a Central Library Web portal for reference.

MHLS is required to file a 5-year plan with DLD. M. Advocate reviewed the process. Discussion can take place through the listserv prior to the next meeting which will primarily deal with the Plan.

The next Committee meeting will be on April 10 from 10-1 at the Claverack Library. Meeting ended at 1:04PM.

Respectfully submitted by,

Denise A. Garofalo