MHLS CE/Professional Development Committee Meeting
February 26, 2002
MHLS Auditorium


Merribeth Advocate (MHLS), Pat Dagata (Pawling), Carol Donick (Garrison), Lisa LeGloahec (LaGrange), Donna Pidgeon (Windham), Rebekkah Smith (MHLS)
Visitors: Josh Cohen (MHLS), Lena Smolon (MHLS)
Excused: Sally Alderdice (Claverack), Wendy Fuller (Chatham), John Georghiou (Plattekill)


Committee Membership: The Putnam County representatives (Carol Donick and Kathleen McLauglin) will alternate as needed. Carol will be the permanent member, Kathleen the official alternate. As there is not currently an Ulster County representative Merribeth Advocate will seek to fill that position by the next committee meeting.

2002 Chairperson: To be named via email to ensure the input of all committee members.

How to encourage members to take advantage of the incentive program:  The committee recommended a report to the DA that should include: clarification of the use funds for programmer reimbursement, conference reimbursement and the introduction of the new form for reimbursement. The committee agreed that the MHLS Business Office should issue a financial statement to libraries quarterly accounting what they have been reimbursed for and what they can still apply for. The committee identified one roadblock to the use of the Incentive Program to be some trustees unwillingness to allow directors paid time to go to conferences. The committee suggested that information about the Incentive Program be added to the curriculum for the Trustee Trainings conducted by System staff.

MHLS Annual Meeting: The committee recommended that the MHLS Annual Meeting be held on a weeknight in 2002 in order to increase the number of potential attendees. The committee suggested a display of library-related newspaper clippings, a library construction project display and a library technology display for the event to educate trustee and to facilitate conversation about library issues during the social parts of the event. The committee felt the event should continue to offer a featured speaker and rotate the location annually. They suggested building in the opportunity for attendees to visit the host area library(ies).

Library Assistant Certificate of Achievement: Merribeth Advocate distributed information about this, the committee agreed that the information should be linked on the MHLS web site under professional development and that there should be a note in the Bulletin regarding it.

Trustee Consultation Topics: After reviewing the current topics offered the committee suggested the additional topics of long-range planning and technology in libraries. Topics should be distributed at the next DA meeting. The committee also recommended looking at what other topics are offered in other systems for trustees.

SENYLRC upcoming Digital Institute: The committee recommended that the workshops be videotaped and available to member libraries. They would also like to see the workshops summarized and have that information available on the SENYLRC web site.

LSTA Ideas: Under the category of technology training the committee suggested a grant that would cover computer troubleshooting training for member libraries that would raise library staff’s comfort level with the technology in the libraries. Donna Pidgeon offered to share the curriculum used by the Greene County consultant that did similar training for them. Under the category of web content the committee had a favorable reaction to an idea introduced by Josh Cohen for a Reader’s Advisory Portal that would utilize many of the new capabilities of the new III system to promote library collections.

Report from Administrators Users Group: Josh Cohen summarized the Administrator Users Group held Friday, February 22. The committee discussed the issue of new directors and came up with the following suggestions:
ä The DA chairperson should send a welcome letter to new directors;

ä A mentor program for new library directors in the System should be initiated. Mentors would be identified by four categories: willingness, library type, community size and by county. New directors would be notified of the mentor program in a variety of ways: it would be indicated in the letter from the DA chair, the mentor would initiate a call to the new director, System staff would notify the new director of this opportunity during their initial new director visits.

The committee recommended that on the flyers to announce upcoming user groups that it should be highlighted that although topics are identified for the meetings participants should be encouraged to discuss off topic at the meetings. The committee also recommended system staff provide an update of the user groups at the next DA meeting.

Report from Web Interest Group: Merribeth Advocate reported that WIG discussed what features to include in the online catalog, so users at home (who did not have immediate direct access to library staff) would find the process intuitive.

III Training: Josh Cohen updated the committee members on the training that will be available. It was suggested that a memo be sent out to find out the total number of library staff that will need training. The current plan is for MHLS staff to provide training for all of those who need it above the number that the III trainers can accommodate. The committee recommended that the training done by MHLS staff people be broken up into ½ day sessions, one on circulation the other in data entry, alternating AM and PM session, to accommodate those staff people who only need one or the other. It was agreed that the training for offline libraries should happen on separate days from the training for online libraries. MHLS staff confirmed that there will be an overview of the OPAC during the training.

Gates Foundation Training Grant: Rebekkah Smith told the committee about an application being prepared by the State Library to the Gates Foundation that would provide funds to promote the long term sustainability of public access computing in public libraries throughout NYS. The committee provided input for her to take back to the State Library that included the need for clear guidelines of requirements for those library staff that would become trainers in the program, adequate compensation for those staffers and a plan for what would happen if libraries opted out of the training voluntarily. They also suggested a “boxed” curriculum for libraries to use when students or other special populations come to visit the library to introduce them to the technology in the library.



2002 MHLS Continuing Education Calendar
2001 MHLS Continuing Education Calendar
Minutes from the 11.14.01 CE/Professional Development Committee
Trustee Consultations available from MHLS staff
New York State Library Assistant Association Certificate of Achievement Program Guidelines Summary
SENYLRC Digital Institute

Next meeting dates:

May 14 (will need to be rescheduled due to Triple I training)
August 13
November 5


 Submitted by Rebekkah Smith