Continuing Education / Professional Development Advisory Committee Meeting
November 5, 2002

MHLS Auditorium

Present: Sally Alderdice (Claverack), Pat Dagata (Pawling), Carol Donick (Garrison), Wendy Fuller (Chatham), John Georghiou (Plattekill), Lisa Karim (LaGrange), Donna Pidgeon (Windham), Jennifer Simmons (Hurley)
Guests: Sue Hermans (PPLD), Joy Matusiewicz (PPLD), Janet Huen (PPLD), Lauren Muffs (PPLD)
MHLS Staff: Merribeth Advocate, Rebekkah Smith

Upcoming workshops:
· Annual Report - January 2003. Hands-on support with annual report to be offered again in 2003 by MHLS staff regionally.
· 5 regional ILL workshops - To be held in the Spring of 2003. Conducted by Susan DiLorenzo, MHLS ILL Manager. It was suggested by the committee to change the name of the workshops to Resource Sharing rather than just ILL Basics.
· SEAL/VDX training - Provided by SENYLRC - 3 full-day, hands-on sessions at Southeastern, for those who haven't received training yet. 5 on-site refresher trainings 2.5 hours long - Kingston, Cairo, Kent, Claverack, MHLS January-March 2003. Judy Fischetti of SENYLRC is coordinating the training. Committee recommended that Judy contact those people she feels need help or are heavy users who never received training and encourage them to come to these sessions with a phone call if they don't register.
· Grantwriting Workshop - Tuesday, December 10, 2002 - Linda London presenting, D. Pidgeon expressed the need for the workshop to be focused mostly on grantwriting, not prospect research.
· Gates Training - R. Smith announced that MHLS has received a grant through the NYS Library from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to train all member library staff that assist patrons with public access computing. There will be eight trainers- MHLS staff and Sue Hermans, the Central Library Reference Coordinator. Basic technology skills will be taught to at least one staff person in each member library by June 2003. The Committee suggested breaking up the curriculum so it can be offered in alternating AM/PM session and offering sessions regionally as MHLS did during Millennium training to benefit as many library staff people as possible.

Proposed workshop topics:
· The Committee addressed recommendations made to them from the Program & Grants Advisory Committee:
o Software Applications - the committee feels this will be covered by the Gates grant to MHLS;
o Digital Camera workshop - Committee liked this idea and felt the focus of the workshop should be on practical applications for digital pictures, how to start, knowing what you can do with them, manipulation of images with free software, dos and don'ts, recommended specs, mounting on web.
o Book Repair - The Committee felt this topic hadn't been done in awhile and was definitely needed. J. Cohen suggested Bill Decker, or have Decker make a recommendation. Demo by a manufacturer would be considered. The Committee wants the focus to be on immediate repair and not conservation/preservation.
o Library Ergonomics - The Committee felt this would be an appropriate topic for a pre-DA presentation - no more than an ½ hour long.
o Collection Development - This is a component of the upcoming weeding workshop, also being addressed by the central library committee
o Problem Patron/Staff Sensitivity - The Committee discussed duplicating a program held by RCLS, Valuing Differences: Being Sensitive to our diverse population.
o Library Space Planning - The Committee reviewed a program done by the Pioneer Library System program. The committee suggested system staff speak to the presenter and find out our options. C. Donick suggested a component to the workshop that would address using existing space well. P. Dagata said "I don't think anyone involved in this can ever get enough, it is always helpful."
· Managing Building Maintenance, HVAC and plumbing systems - M. Advocate presented this idea to the Committee, the Committee felt this would be useful. J. Georghiou noted it should be for "people who do not watch This Old House".
· Book Sale Millionaire - R. Smith describe a NYLA session she attended and recommended it be brought to MHLS. The Committee is in favor of having this program, possibly in conjunction with weeding workshop.

Millennium Upgrade training: The Committee was asked for input. Timing of downloading of new version of JAVA and OCIRC was discussed - J. Georghiou requested CD copies of these two programs be available on a request basis. C. Donick recommended OCIRC instruction provided at DA be uploaded to the MHLS web site and a paper copy be provided to those not in attendance at the DA. Announcements on the list, in Bulletin, on orange color paper, are needed to let everyone know what to expect with the upgrade. The Committee would like it promoted that members can contact MHLS tech support with any problems and that the JAVA and upgraded OCIRC are available on a CD-ROM. They felt unsure if training would be needed and asked MHLS staff to assess this.

CCSNYS Building a Better Nonprofit Series: R. Smith informed the Committee that the Council for Community Service of NYS would be holding a workshop in the MHLS Auditorium on November 14th on Fund Development and Nonprofit Marketing.

Users Groups: For 2003 the Committee agreed that registration might improve attendance at users groups. An online form being developed by M. Advocate to solicit topics from users for the users group and to find users to conduct the groups instead of MHLS staff. The form will be advertised in the Bulletin, on the listserv and on a paper-based announcement through the delivery on workshop announcement color-paper. At the request of W. Fuller the committee members shared their library's policies on staff members attending continuing education opportunities.

Hourly contact rate to pay presenters: MHLS currently offers $50/contact hour. The Committee agreed that increasing this to up to $100/contact hour would give MHLS more flexibility in scheduling presenters and relevant programs.

SENYLRC Prioritized topics 2002-2003: The Committee was presented with the list from the SENYLRC CE committee meeting that M. Advocate and L. Karim are members of. Committee noted they mostly focus on administration. Noted the need for more practical skills geared towards small libraries.

Notification of MHLS CE events: The Committee felt that the System had communicated notification of CE events well. The use of a specific colored paper to bring attention to CE announcements (bright lemon color); the online calendar to announce CE events modified for the 1st bulletin of the month for ease of use in the library will be continued. The Committee appreciated the different modes of communication - bulletin, individual flyers, on the listserv and web site calendar.

Online registration: Currently no automated way to remind people of an event they've registered for online. Committee feels this is not necessary.

Desktop access to Empirelink (NOVEL) databases: It is possible to have in-library access to NOVEL databases from the PC desktop, which does not require the use of the library card number for authentication, as HomeAccess does. MHLS will distribute clear instructions to set this up on the library desktop. C. Donick requested instructions for how to get local statistics to be included with the set up instructions.

Weeding Workshop: M. Advocate updated the group on the search for a presenter to do a weeding workshop. Central Library Director, Tom Lawrence has volunteered his staff to conduct this workshop. Suggested theme: "Collection Management through Selection and Weeding".
Proposed Outline from the Committee:

  1. Collection Development Policy developed with individual community makeup taken into account.
    1. Look at who you are serving to determine what your collection should be.
    2. What is available to help you determine this?
  2. Philosophical and Policy Issues
    1. Impact of holds on collection development holds
  3. How to proceed:
    · Fiction
    · Non-fiction (Include electronic resources in the assessment of print resources)
    · Children's & YA
    · Last copy procedure
    · Distribute advertisement of S. Hermans reference collection assessment visits.

    L. Muffs suggested a packet sent to registrants beforehand to prepare them for the content of the event. MHLS is considering purchase of CREW manual for each participant. Committee agreed that it should be held in one location - in order for attendees to learn the most from a blend their peers. This will be a 2-3 hour workshop held in late Spring of 2003. Book sale workshop may be scheduled near the same time, dependant on availability.

Training DVDs: Committee received Virtual MHLS Tour produced through the Training on Demand (TOD) Project, a 2001-2002 LSTA funded project; notified about Millennium Circ and Cataloging DVDs.

Committee chair: Sally Alderdice volunteered for another term in 2003. J. Cohen reviewed the role of the committee chair, focusing on approval of agenda and reporting at DA meeting.

o Committee asked that the system distribute OCIRC instructions handed out at the last DA on the web site and a hard-copy to those libraries who were not in attendance at the DA.
o System staff will investigate speakers for book repair library space planning, book sales, digital cameras, problem patron/staff sensitivity and building maintenance workshops.
o System staff should prepare CD-ROMS with the new version of JAVA and the upgraded OCIRC for those libraries that have difficulty downloading.
o System staff should enumerate changes to Circ and Data Entry in Millennium that take place with the upgrade and inform member libraries. Training should be offered if necessary.

Meeting dates for 2003 will be announced.

Submitted by Rebekkah Smith, November 12, 2002.