Continuing Education/Professional Development Advisory Committee

February 27, 2003  |  MHLS Conference Room  |  10:00am-1:00pm


Present: Sally Alderdice, Carol Donick, Lisa Karim, Donna Pidgeon, Jennifer Simmons

Staff: Merribeth Advocate, Sue Hermans, Rebekkah Smith

Excused: John Georghiou


Committee Terms (ends either December 2003 or 2005)

Chairperson - Sally Alderdice (’05)
Columbia County - Wendy Fuller (’05)
Dutchess County – Pat Dagata (soon to be leaving) (’05), Lisa Karim (’03)
Greene County - Donna Pidgeon (’03)
Putnam County - Carol Donick ('05)
Ulster County - John Georghiou (’03), Jennifer Simmons (’05)


2002 review
M. Advocate reported that there were 117 MHLS CE events in 2002 with approximately 1500 attendees.


R. Smith reported on the Community Presentation Workshops. Due to popularity this hands-on workshop will be offered multiple times throughout 2003. Next date: April 11 @ MHLS.


The CD-ROM tutorials on MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook in the professional collection have been well received. They are reserved through the MHLS ILL Dept. web page at

Online Registration
Piloted in 2002, all event registration has been through this form since January 2003, and has been used by 155 registrants this year.


Calendar in Bulletin

Committee finds the format used in the 1st Bulletin issue of the month useful and wants to continue it.


Regional CE offerings
The Committee reviewed and discussed SENYLRC’s CE 2003 booklet. Comments included that it was a lot information at once and that people might look at it once and not again, however others felt it was nice to have it consolidated. R. Smith reported that feedback she’s gotten from a few members is that the pricing is on the high end and that some people are turned off to the events due to attendance caps. M. Advocate explained that SENYLRC events are offered to all types of libraries (public, academic, and special) throughout the MHLS and RCLS service areas.


M. Advocate reported that SENYLRC is considering hosting a coordinated online calendar of regional CE offerings. Purposes include: to avoid double booking of events of regional interest, to increase exposure and registration/attendance at events, to potentially share presenters among library groups in our area.


The Committee discussed the impact of advertising MHLS events to staff of non-member libraries. The committee agreed that non-members should be charged a minimum fee of $10 for all events that MHLS members do not pay for. A tiered pay structure will be created for events that members are charged for. People who do not show would not be refunded. If bumped because of space they would receive a refund. S. Hermans recommended saving 10-15 seats for members who are late registering in order to avoid “bumping” members from an event.


SEAL ILL Workshops: In Winter 2003, 5 refreshers held regionally and 4 separate full day trainings for those who have never received training. Because of the popularity of these sessions refresher sessions has been added. M. Advocate reported that ILL Basics will not be offered in Spring 2003.


Leadership Program Design
This is a program that SENYLRC is offering through LSTA funding. M. Advocate reported on this program, designed to address peer facilitated problem solving, to be held July 16 & 17 at Mount St. Alphonsus in Esopus. Questionnaire was distributed to the committee to identify challenges (for example: time management, problem employee) to leadership in order to help shape the program in July. M. Advocate asked that all committee members take the time to fill out this questionnaire on the SENYLRC web site by Friday, February 28th. M. Advocate, L. Karim, R. Smith and Matt Bollerman (Kingston Library) are on the facilitation side of the program and will be leading peer groups in July. The committee participated in a demonstration of the peer-facilitated problem solving process during lunch.


M. Advocate discussed Sandra Nelson’s New Planning for Results model, a process for gathering input from your community to decide on library priorities. M. Advocate and R. Smith attended training to serve as facilitators of the New Planning for Results process for MHLS member libraries.


Directions for patrons
S. Hermans is developing easy to read database instructions for patrons that will be in bookmark format. This way all libraries could have instructional handouts for:

Gale's Business & Company Resource Center
Gale Literary Databases

Contemporary Authors/Literary Criticism

Health Reference Center


Country Watch


S. Hermans suggested a poster promoting the databases for every library. The committee agreed. The Committee asked that promotion of HomeAccess be included on the poster.


M. Advocate updated the committee regarding the instructions sent to members on request for in-library icons to the electronic databases, rather than patrons logging in through HomeAccess in the library. 10 libraries have asked M. Advocate for the directions to do this. Statistics will be impacted by this change. There may seem to be a downturn in overall usage statistics as in-library access will be broken out.


OPAC, Request-a-Title and Check Your Record bookmarks will be developed/upgraded by S. Hermans.


How to get more exposure for in-library training
Ready Reference, Customer Service, and database training by S. Hermans will now mean CE credit for those library staff that participate. This training is offered on-demand in the library, as are a menu of consultations from MHLS staff. Discussion of how to publicize on-demand consultations included quarterly reminders on the list-serv and a link on the online registration page.


What is coming 2003
April 11 – Community Presentation workshop, 10am-noon
April 21 – Data Refresher, 10am-noon

May 6 – PLS Spring Conference “Working Smarter @ Your Library” held at The Grand Hotel in Poughkeepsie

May 19 – Genealogy Workshop, 10am-noon @MHLS
May 22 (tentative) – Book Sale Workshop.

June 12 – Weeding Workshop, 10am-noon @MHLS

July 16 & 17 – SENYLRC Workshop – Leadership Development Through Action Learning, 9am-4pm, Mount St. Alphonsus, Esopus


Security of library records will be included in the upcoming Disaster preparedness workshop, in response to the Board directive for member libraries to certify that security procedures are in place.


Genealogy offerings will begin with a May 19 Genealogy Workshop coordinated by M. Advocate, S. Hermans and Jim Cosgrove, Director, Marlboro Library. 30 people attended the Reference Users Group which focused on this topic. The committee decided that info should be solicited from the attendees of the workshop regarding additional offerings.


Financial-related workshops will be offered including Matt Bollerman’s (Kingston Library) initiative to have a workshop on special district finances and a workshop on audits for all member libraries.


DA Report
Development of database instructional bookmarks

Issue of charging non-members at MHLS CE events
Upcoming CE events (handout)



MHLS Staff will issue a
reminder in October 2003 to the county Director’s groups regarding committee seats in December 2003.


M. Advocate will send out info about the CD-ROMs to the committee.


M. Advocate and S. Hermans will do a workshop for members about invisible web resources.


R. Smith will publicize the book sale workshop to Friends Groups as well as library staff and trustees.


MHLS staff will find out how many MHLS member libraries attend SENYLRC events.

MHLS staff will develop posters for each library to promote the electronic databases in the library and through HomeAccess.


S. Hermans will share the text for the planned bookmarks with this committee before the printing.


M. Advocate will prepare a list of upcoming CE events for 2003 to be distributed at the next DA meeting.




SENYLRC’s Assessment of your Leadership “Challenges”
Coaching Reference Sheet for Members of Authenticity Circles



Submitted by R. Smith 3.3.03