Minutes for the October 2, 2003 Meeting of the
Continuing Education/ Professional Development Advisory Committee
MHLS Auditorium | 10:00am-1:00pm

Present: Merribeth Advocate (MHLS), Linda Duebert (Coxsackie); Jody Ford (Stone Ridge), Sue Hermans (Central Reference Library Services Coordinator), Lisa Karim (LaGrange), Kathleen McLaughlin (Putnam Valley); Rebekkah Smith (MHLS), Ellen Tannenbaum (Dover Plains)
Guest(s): Josh Cohen (MHLS); Laurie Shedrick (MHLS); Lena Smolon (MHLS)

Staff Picks - M. Advocate presented a draft of the Staff Picks form to be integrated with the Online Public Library Catalog. Committee suggestions:

Preferred Searches - L. Shedrick gave the committee an overview of what the preferred searches feature does within the OPAC/My Millennium. Committee was asked to look at the draft of the brochure and to brainstorm about a new name that would clarify to patrons what exactly preferred searches is. Committee suggestions:

Review of Recent CE

New Evaluation Summary Format

Off site CE

Upcoming CE


Committee business

· K. McLaughlin asked for additional information regarding children's librarians be added to the salary/benefits survey that is being developed

Report to DA

Next meeting: 2004 dates will be set before the end of the year


  1. M. Advocate will make the suggested changes to the Staff Picks form and then begin promote it.
  2. Committee recommends a DA voting agenda item: because we are turning on Favorite Searches libraries should not catalog items with an "on order" status, propose removing that option completely from the drop down menu in Cataloging; if libraries want to have purchases reflected in the OPAC they should use an order record through acquisitions. Therefore the committee recommends the delay the launch of Preferred/Favorite Searches until this has been resolved.
  3. L. Shedrick will change the Preferred Searches/Favorite Searches brochure to reflect the committee's input.
  4. MHLS Staff will have a HomeACCESS brochure draft ready for the next Committee meeting.
  5. MHLS Staff will work on a poster and stand-up sign that reads "Did you find everything you were looking for? If not, please ask us, we're here to help."

Staff Picks draft
"Preferred Searches" brochure draft
New evaluation summaries
Form to assess site viability for CE in libraries
Draft of Library Card Brochure
RCLS Online Databases brochure
Draft of text for a poster to remind patrons to ask for help if they can't find what they are looking for

Submitted by Rebekkah Smith, 10.2.03