Minutes for the December 15, 2004 Meeting of the Continuing Education/ Professional Development Advisory Committee
MHLS Auditorium, 10am-1:30pm

Present: M. Advocate, J. Cohen, C. Donick, J. Ford, J. Meyer, R. Smith, E. Tannenbaum

Review 2004

Planning for 2005

2005 Chair: Jody Ford. DA Reporter, Ellen Tannenbaum.
2005 Dates:
· 2/10 Thursday
· 5/18 Wednesday
· 8/19 Friday
· 11/16 Wednesday

1. MHLS Staff will endeavor to schedule "reruns" at the county level.
2. J. Cohen will write an enclosure for Board President's mailings, to let them know that are the only trustee receiving Workshop Notices, with the intent that they bring them to their Board meeting.
3. M. Advocate will contact Yolanda Cuesta regarding her Building Community Partnerships / Collaboration workshop.
4. M. Keefe will investigate a workshop on YA Readers Advisory & Collection Development
5. MHLS Staff will reconfigure the MHLS System Tour to incorporate time for attendees to return to department staff their job is most closely aligned with to speak with further.
6. M. Advocate will send a list of the recommended DA Brief Learning Opportunities to the DA Steering Committee.


Tabled to the next meeting
· Training On Demand
· Professional Development web page
· Online Opportunities Other

Report to DA

  1. 2004 total MHLS Continuing Education attendances = 943.
  2. Workshop evaluation forms now capture the percentage of the content participants knew before attending.
  3. Committee felt the reference assessment and training visits from the Central Reference Library Services Coordinator are very useful and want the Central Library to continue doing this.
  4. Highlights of the workshop and user group topics for 2005 include:
  5. Brief (20 minute) informative training sessions were suggested for the DA meetings. Potentially including a small panel of directors, representing libraries of various sizes, presenting their approach to topics of current interest.

Submitted by Rebekkah Smith / Merribeth Advocate, 12.15.04