Minutes for the February 12, 2004 Meeting of the
Continuing Education/ Professional Development Advisory Committee
MHLS Auditorium

Present: Merribeth Advocate (MHLS), Carol Donick (Garrison); Linda Duebert (Coxsackie); Jody Ford (Stone Ridge), Sue Hermans (Central Reference Library Services Coordinator), Kathleen McLaughlin (Putnam Valley); Joanne Meyer (Rhinecliff); Rebekkah Smith (MHLS), Ellen Tannenbaum (Dover Plains)

Review 2003 offerings:

Potential workshop/user group topics for 2004: M. Advocate shared a document that lists what has been requested for CE this year from MHLS; the SENYLRC 2004 offerings; and Sue Hermans list of on-site training opportunities for 2004. Discussed potential events for 2004, keeping in mind what staff of all kinds would want training on during the year

Print Materials:

MHLS electronic discussion list: The committee discussed the questions raised by the Director's Association related to subscription procedures to the MHLS LIB_LIST.

Explore chat or conference call alternatives to meetings: The committee will be testing a trial conference call set-up. More information will be e-mailed to the committee.

Report to DA

  1. Discussed potential events for 2004, keeping in mind what staff of all kinds would want training on during the year.
  2. Posters will be available for each library, with the message "Did you find everything you were looking for? If not, please ask us - we're here to help," to display on the back of the exit door and to stand by the OPAC. Information will be sent to each library about requesting their copy.
  3. Committee reviewed new brochures which promote HomeAccess. System staff will send one brochure to each library and ask directors to order the number of brochures they'd like through the web site.
  4. MHLS electronic discussion list:


  1. MHLS Staff will work to bring the idea of "transfer of knowledge" to all staff and trustee training.
  2. MHLS will pursue a program on management skills for librarians done by Sandra Nelson.
  3. S. Hermans will offer the Census tutorial on-site at libraries.
  4. R. Smith will distribute the HomeACCESS brochure as discussed in a timely manner.
  5. MHLS Staff will insure that the approved draft of the listserv posting policy will be added to the next DA packet.
  6. MHLS Staff will investigate the implementation of a new subscription procedure for the listserv and sort out the people that are currently subscribed.

Advisory Committee Responsibilities
MHLS Workshops/User Groups Presented in 2003
Annual Report Categories for System CE
Libraries Trained by Central Reference Library Services Coordinator
Evaluation Summary: Book Discussion Group Workshop
Potential workshop/user group topics for 2004
SENYLRC Topics Proposed for Workshops/Programs in 2004
SENYLRC Leadership & Supervisory Development Program
21st Century Organizational Effectiveness
Understanding and Communicating with Culturally Diverse Communities
Sandra Nelson - Management Skills for Libraries
Current Post Policy for the MHLS_LIBLIST
Draft Posting Policy for the MHLS_LIBLIST

Next meeting: Wednesday, May 12th from 10:00am-12:30pm.
Agenda item: exploration of CE cost recovery.

Submitted by Rebekkah Smith, 2.12.04