Minutes for the February 17, 2005 Meeting of the Continuing Education/ Professional Development Advisory Committee

Present: M. Advocate, C. Donick, L. Deubert, J. Ford, R. Smith, E. Tannenbaum, S. Hermans
Excused: S. Alderdice, W. Fuller, J. Meyer, W. Alexander

Update of 2005:

Value of 2004 contact hours per library: M. Advocate provided a report that noted the number of CE contact hours for each library. The committee felt that this list should be published and that trustees should be made aware of these figures. They would like these figures combined with a summary of on-demand trainings and trustee consultations per library as well for next year. (see Action 5)

Consultations/on-demand training:

Brief DA sessions: This idea was brought to the DA last month and the committee members present felt that the idea was not well received. The committee would like Gloria Goverman, who volunteered to coordinate this idea to report back to them regarding the input she received. The committee referred the decision of how to proceed with this idea to the Small Libraries Roundtable. (see Action 7)

Professional Development web site: The committee brainstormed ideas for the content in the professional development portion of the web site. (see Action 8) With the recommendation that there be resources for self directed learning as well as formal education opportunities:


  1. L. Shedrick will explore the options for organizing the Create Lists workshop into 2-parts.
  2. M. Keefe will promote the September Teen Advisory Board workshop as a marketing tool for libraries seeking to attract teens to their library.
  3. Brainstorm programming ideas that can help libraries reach out to different segments of the teen population was referred to the M&P Committee.
  4. M. Advocate will investigate offering a "How to Teach Database Searching" Workshop.
  5. MHLS staff will incorporate data related to trustee consultations and on-demand training in libraries to the CE contact hours summary for next year.
  6. R. Smith will send out the Trustee Consultations list with an upcoming edition of the Bulletin to all board presidents.
  7. Brief DA session plans referred to the Small Libraries Roundtable.
  8. MHLS staff will redesign the Professional Development section of the MHLS web site using the input given by the committee and report back with a live draft at the next meeting.

· Workshop / users group topics for 2005 (updated)
· 2004 number of CE Contact hours
· SEAL Training
· Training in Serving Diverse Communities
· Evaluation Summary for CE Committee: Millennium Stats for the Annual Report
· NOVEL Training Project 10.1.04 - 3.30.05
· Consultations & Training-on-Demand for Library Staff
· Trustee Resources: Consultations Available from MHLS
· Workshop Announcements:
o Small Libraries Workshop
o Summer Reading Program
o Director's Series: Working With Your Board
o Creating an Online Calendar

Next meeting: Wednesday, May 18th

Report to DA from the February 17, 2005 Meeting of the Continuing Education/ Professional Development Advisory Committee

1. "Something for everyone": Committee encourages staff and trustees from member libraries to check the MHLS calendar, as it offers many training opportunities for 2005.
2. The committee decided that member library staff should receive CE contact hours for participating in Training On-Demand opportunities at their library, as well as the MHLS workshops and users groups they already receive CE contact hours for.
3. The committee encourages all MHLS member library directors to register for the Director's Series: Working With Your Board (workshop notice attached to this packet). It is designed to help you get the best out of your relationship with your board, regardless of whether that is currently positive or negative.
4. MHLS Staff is revamping the Professional Development section of the web site using input provided by the committee, which focused on the need for self directed learning resources in addition to formal education opportunities, career information, new developments in the field and job competencies. The new version will be reviewed at the May meeting of this committee.

Submitted by Rebekkah Smith/Merribeth Advocate, 2.17.2005