Minutes for the May 18, 2005 Meeting of the Continuing Education/ Professional Development Advisory Committee
MHLS Auditorium, 10am-1:30pm

Present: M. Advocate, S. Alderdice, J. Cohen, L. Duebert, W. Fuller, E. Tannenbaum, R. Smith, S. Hermans

1. The committee recommended the DA round robin be resurrected, a question will be brainstormed with the chair of the DA for the next DA meeting.
2. MHLS will develop subject headings for messages posted to the MHLS List.
3. MHLS will collect director email addresses at the next DA meeting to differentiate from general library email accounts currently on file.
4. MHLS will provide tips for obtaining a free email address/account.
5. MHLS will provide information on receiving messages from the MHLS List in digest format and for accessing/searching the list archives.
6. MHLS will add civil service requirement information by county to the new Professional Development section of the MHLS web site.
7. MHLS will explore the option of video taping the Performer's Showcase in 2006.
8. MHLS will work on brining the construction workshop to MHLS.
9. MHLS will organize a Friend recognition event for this fall.
10. MHLS will organize a Legal Issues workshop later this year.

Evaluations Summaries: Accounting 101; Performer's Showcase; SRP Workshop North & South; Book Banquet
Minutes from 2.17.05
Workshop Notices: Interlibrary Loan Refresher; Providing Computer Training to Seniors; SEAL ILL System Refresher Class
Advanced Certificate in Public Library Administration brochure

Next meeting: Friday, August 19th, 2006

Report to DA

  1. The committee recommended leaving the current MHLS List (a.k.a electronic discussion list) as is and suggested the following be provided to help directors better manage the message load from the list:
  2. The committee reviewed the draft of the redesigned Professional Development section of the MHLS web site which will include upcoming local and regional workshops and training schedule; Training-on-Demand options; self-directed learning opportunities; competencies and civil service requirements; conferences and professional organization information; professional literature access; certificate programs; financial assistance resources; graduate school information and employment postings.
  3. The committee gave input on the curriculum that will make up the orientation offered for new member library staff by MHLS.
  4. Upcoming CE offerings:
    1. An event to recognize the importance of Friends Groups is being planned for the fall, MHLS hopes to have the new president of FOLUSA as a speaker.
    2. Capital Fund Development workshop
    3. Construction workshop
    4. Legal Issues presented by Jerry Nichols, former Suffolk Cooperative Library System director and current director of the Palmer Institute for Public Library Organization and Management would be the presenter.

Submitted by Rebekkah Smith/Merribeth Advocate, 5.18.05