Central Library / Collection Development Advisory Committee meeting
, MHLS Auditorium, 10:07 – 12:41pm

Present: Beverly Kane (Saugerties), Sally Alderdice (Claverack), Patti Haar (Patterson), Tom Finnigan (MHLS), Merribeth Advocate (MHLS), Josh Cohen (MHLS), Tom Lawrence (PPLD), Deb Horowitz (PPLD), Andy Dancer (Catskill), Greg Callahan (Hyde Park), Pat Kaufman (Mahopac).


Reference Service in the System

In order to help libraries provide an effective level of ready-reference service at the local level, Central Library will develop a core collection list for member libraries, for a reference budget of $1000-$1500 (investigate using Central Book Aid to support for this). Including an annotated bibliography of when and how to use each resource. A. Dancer mentioned guidance of when to have a specific resource in print, as allocation of resources directly relates to budget planning.

            In addition, Central Library will develop a core competency list of skills (possibly by job class), with member input, and design and implement training to support the competencies. Examples include: reference interview, semi-annual courses on GeoWeb and FASTCAT (basic and advanced).

            D. Horowitz asked how many of the libraries want site visits and individual reference collection  evaluation, as she recently did for Howland Library. She is providing them with a written report that includes: which materials to immediately discard, which to immediately update, subject areas that need work, materials currently in the reference collection that are not worth their cost.

Electronic Databases

            Knowledge about the availability of periodicals was discussed, and the cost effectiveness of owning the resource. Central Library will share their 90 page periodical list with members. T. Lawrence will explore putting Central Library periodical holdings in GEAC. Committee said the two most common requests for newspaper information are to check stock prices at tax time and assignments of what occurred on your birthdate. T. Lawrence suggested a possible Central Library service: using a form libraries could submit stock price requests to Central Library where a well-trained Central Library page would provide the information with a 24-hour turn-around time.

            The idea of switching our main periodical database from Gale to Proquest was discussed in response to member request. MHLS will investigate the best price for Proquest, and would like the members to not see a price increase for their major reference database. Central Library suggested having pricing reworked so that libraries are charged by their service area. The System share of Gale, $20,000, came from RBDB funds. T. Lawrence will consider using Central Library funds to help pay for Proquest for all libraries (with remote access, also), if half could be paid this year and half next year. The committee is also considering use of the county reference center money (each $3297) to help pay for Proquest. 

The issue of authentication scripts was discussed. The script needs to include all databases. MHLS will initiate a survey to discover what electronic databases members have. The committee forwards to the Resource Sharing/ILL/Automation Committee the topic of “how can we share when we don’t know what people have”.

Central Library Plan of Service

            T. Lawrence said that the CL POS is part of their whole library plan, and that he will provide a copy to the committee for comments, along with a copy of the PPLD budget.

Central Library Application 

            T. Lawrence reported that they have not received the forms yet. It will  go to the PPLD BOT and the MHLS BOT, then be submitted to Albany. T. Lawrence does not expect any major changes from last year, where the funding provided for primarily staff and benefits, Central Book Aid ($71,500), online access, periodical binding and overhead support of the Central Library. He will distribute to the committee a copy of  last years application for comments.

In order to help the MHLS BOT understand the Central Library function and role, T. Lawrence will prepare for the next BOT meeting (3/17/01) an overview of Central Library staffing, what they do for members, what they do for the System, and what they do directly for patrons. A. Dancer requested that the committee also receive this document.

Bibliographic Control

            The committee said it is a problem that libraries cannot put MARC records into GEAC directly. There are two modes of dealing with the database: MHLS staff feeds the database, library staff uses the database. Library staff finds errors during use that they would like to be able to directly correct. Procedure for informing MHLS Staff or errors, size of backlog and preserving the integrity of the data was discussed. The committee recommended additional support in this area.

Five Year Plan of Service for System

Creating a Reference Structure Strategy and Collection Development Coordination both fall into the area of this committee. The issue of whether System Holds in relation to encouraging coordinated collection development needs to be discussed by this committee, and needs regional discussion about how to provide your share of the materials, especially popular materials.

Last Copy policy was discussed. At this time the last copies go to the Central Library. T. Lawrence said this is a logical function of the Central Library, but they are at capacity and it may be beyond the scope of what they can currently provide. The committee agreed that this needs more formal guidelines, and will develop a Last Copy Policy and Procedure.

Next meeting date: Monday, May 7 @ 10am, at Saugerties Library.

Submitted by Merribeth Advocate.