Central Library/Collection Development

May 7, 2001 Saugerties

Present: Beverly Kane, Patti Haar, Julie Cohen, Deborah Kamicke, Merribeth Advocate, Sally Alderdice, Pat Kaufman

The committee reviewed the status of the action items from the last meeting.

·         Tom Lawrence has offered the text of PPLD’s instructional bookmarks to the members for their own use: MHLS will distribute and Merribeth Advocate will put it on the MHLS website. This was not done. Julie Cohen will get the files from Tom and distribute.

·         Central Library will develop a 3-tiered reference structure strategy draft (including local library level, county reference centers and central library) and will distribute it to the committee within a month. This was not completed.

·         Central Library will develop a list of core competencies, with input from members. This is in process.

·         Central Library will address core competency development by designing and implementing training workshops for members. Three workshops are scheduled.

·         Central Library will develop a listing of core reference materials for a small library and suggested materials for county reference centers. This was completed, results to be distributed.

·         Central Library will share the list of their periodicals with member libraries, to enhance reference services. This should be available by May 31.

·         T. Lawrence will explore putting Central Library periodical holdings in GEAC. This was not done.

·         In April, Denise Garofalo will present county statistics about use of the Gale databases. This was completed.

·         MHLS will investigate Proquest, and the best price. This was done.

·         T. Lawrence will consider using Central Library funds to help pay for Proquest for all libraries (with remote access, also), if half could be paid this year and half next year. This was done.

·         MHLS will initiate a survey to discover what electronic databases members have. Survey is being distributed.

·         T. Lawrence will distribute to the committee a copy of the Central Library budget. This was not done.

·         T. Lawrence will submit Central Library Plan of Service to this committee. This was not done.

·         T. Lawrence will distribute a copy of last years Central Library application for comments. This was not done.

·         T. Lawrence will prepare for the 3/17/01 MHLS BOT meeting an overview of Central Library, which will also be distributed to the committee. This was done.

·         The committee will discuss and initiate regional dialog about System Holds in relation to encouraging coordinated collection development. As a first step, the system will develop a survey to explore how libraries make purchasing decisions.

·         The committee will develop a Last Copy Policy and Procedure. The committee discussed what libraries are currently doing regarding a last copy.  The system will present a workshop on weeding and a last copy procedure.

It was recommended and Julie Cohen agreed that Deborah Horowitz, or another PPLD reference librarian would visit a minimum of 10-12 libraries are year to assess their reference collection.  The intent is that every library in the system would have an assessment.

The committee discussed the role of the system in provision of electronic databases.